If you follow my YouTube channel you’d know that I’ve been doing bucket list videos for the past few years. I don’t like the concepts of resolutions because they sound like a burden, where as a bucket list sounds like a super exciting adventure you want to shoot for. I know its technically the same thing but a little change it wording can make a difference I find.

So let me start this off by saying this will be a year for me. 2014 was nothing short of terrible for me and I spent a lot of it having no idea who I was and trying to change myself to fit into pretty little boxes people wanted me to be. I ended up losing myself and being very lost about who I was and what I was doing. This year I really want to work towards embracing me more and doing things that I want to do, not just trying to please others. So with that said I’ll give you the list of what’s on my 2015 bucket list.


1. Drink more water

There’s been a few posts on here about my journey to quit Diet Coke (spoiler alert; I’ve relapsed hard over December). I’m hoping to really kick the habit in the new year as well as just upping my water intake to keep my skin and body healthy.

2. Keep my GPA up

Part of the reason 2014 sucked is because I made some stupid academic decisions and didn’t have the best grades in the world. I did really pick it up this past fall which I’m super proud of, but if I want to get into the classes I need in the future I really need to keep it up. Also a sub-point under this one is to kind of figure out what I’m doing with my life course wise in university with my higher GPA.

3. Keep my social media game strong

I always use the excuse that I’m too busy to keep up with my blog and YouTube, and even sometimes Instagram and Twitter, but in reality I’m not. YouTube is more difficult just because the lighting in my apartment is terrible but I have no excuse not to keep my blog on point until I get some real lighting to up my YouTube quality. Once I get a good set up I’m aiming for at least 2 videos a month (hopefully on both channels) and try to get at least 1¬†blog post up a week! I don’t like setting really specific numbers usually but I think these are realistic and won’t stress me too much so let’s hope I can keep them up.

4. Be more positive

This is one thing I really learned in 2014; that your attitude can change everything. I really want to get myself away from negative people (one of whom is ironically texting me now) and situations and focusing on the goof in life. I always want to let any negative things that do come along to affect me less and not take these negative things I can’t change to heart.

5. Keep my apartment clean(er)

This was originally just going to be to keep my apartment clean but then I realized that isn’t my style and I just don’t do squeaky clean, so it got changed to keeping my apartment cleaner. I can already feel the type A personalities flinching but I’m totally the kind of person who does everything in bed, including eating most of my meals, and them just lets things pile up. So if I can manage to keep my bed clear and actually finally move in then I’ll be set.

6. Treat my teeth better

Even since I was a kid I had terrible dental hygiene. I was the kindergardener running around with 6 cavities and a root canal by the age of 5. I also have a weirdly small mouth but not bad enough for braces so they’re squished in there, far from perfectly pearly white, and sometimes not even the cleanest. I know. I suck. That’s why it’s on this list.

7. Set exercise goals

I’m forever the worst person when it comes making excuses to work out. I have purchased a few different ‘guides’ (the most frequent one being Tone it up) and never manage to force myself to stick to them. I’m hoping in 2015 I actually manage to stick to something and hopefully lose those extra pounds I added on last summer.

8. Eat out less

Since I work in a mall I’m generally eating food court food a couple times a week, which isn’t always the healthiest option. Not only is it full of fat but it’s also super expensive. I’m really hoping to get my meal prep on this year so I’m not eating poutine and froyo errday at work.

 9. Start saving more

I know this is so typical but I’m hoping to bulk up my savings account this year so I not only have some extra cash for a raining day (aka a Kate Spade flash sale) but also so I can actually go on some of the trips I’ve been looking towards for year, which I’ll talk about more in my next post. Also I’m totally guilty of groaning every month when I get my Internet bill and hopefully having some savings will stop that… Maybe.

10. Take risks

I’m already a pretty impulsive person by nature but at the same time get super anxious about pretty much everything which leads me to putting everything off. This year I want to apply for jobs I don’t know if I qualify for, go on trips I’ve been wanting to for years, and step out of my comfort zone.


So there you have it folks. Fingers crossed that I manage to pull off at least like 30% of these, and good luck to you too! Be sure to tweet me what’s on your 2015 bucket list so I can continue to add to mine.