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New at Sephora | Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil

I’m very excited to show you guys the latest release from Bite Beauty, aka a super cool Canadian brand that specializes in lip products.

If you’ve never heard about Bite Beauty I’ll give you a little back story. Bite Beauty is a Canadian company that came to be after the founder was inspired by chemistry and the want to void her cosmetics of harmful chemicals. Their slogan is “lip colour that’s good enough to eat” because their products are 100% natural and you could technically eat them (note the name Bite). They’re known for having crazy pigmentation and comfortable wear, none of that cracked lip liquid lipstick junk here.

Now onto the newness. They just launched The Lip Pencil, which comes in 22 colours and retails for $20 for 0.05 oz at Sephora. To put this in perspective the Huda beauty lip pencils are $25 for 0.042 oz, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever are both $24 for 0.04 oz. I tried to find some drugstore option but literally no drugstore site had ounces on it so it wouldn’t really add to it. Looking in the realm of drugstore lip pencils these guys are on the less expensive side.

According to Sephora’s website these are described as “With high precision texture that defines the lip line, The Lip Pencil provides perfect, allover, opaque lip coverage. Bite Beauty’s lightest formula yet, it offers addictively creamy coverage that’s so lightweight it feels like nothing on your lips. The case is an artisanal wood barrel that encapsulates whipped shea butter and three times the amount of pigments for a perfectly defined line.” They are made without parabens, sulfates, and phalates as well as petrochemicals.

To use it says to prep lips with their Line and Define Primer, a clear balm like primer, then line and fill in lips with the pencil. You can finish the look with a pairing colour in the Amuse Bouche Lipstick (which is maybe my favourite lipstick formula ever).

I’ll stop rambling now and start with the review. I’m going to link my video on it here so if you’re less of a reader feel free to check that out instead.


To give you a breakdown I moisturized with the Bite Agave Lip Balm and then used the MUFE lip perfertor to prime the lips before using the pencils.

The overall performance of the pencils was fantastic. The went on smooth an creamy with absolutely no tug on the lips which I loved. My only issue with the application is that the tip on both colours broke off when I used them which is a shame. I topped them with the matching Amuse Bouche colours and proceeded to wear it to work the entire day. I applied it around 2:00 and it didn’t start to break down or flake until around 7:00 with no touch ups with is pretty impressive to me.

To wrap it up I’d give these guys a 9/10 only docking marks for the breaking on the initial application. I’m looking forward to more shades coming out to match all the fun colours Bite has in the Amuse Bouche line.

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Where Have I Been?!

Hey Y’all!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA but it’s been a bit of a crazy month so far. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve been keeping up with all my shenanigans, which include working err day and visiting my family in Kelowna. If Twitter isn’t exciting enough for you hit up Instagram too, because even if it’s boring at least it’s aesthetically pleasing there right?

Not so fun fact; I left my camera in Kelowna. So I had photos and videos prepared but without that memory card I can’t get any of it on my laptop (blogger fail I know). I’m trying to redo those posts and get some exciting stuff up about my mini vacation until then but I promise I have a bunch of idea ready to go and it’s just a matter of getting the material to put the final product out that I’m piecing together now that it has to be redone. Until then enjoy the first video in my series of short videos about my trip!



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Healthy & Budget Friendly Grocery Haul

Guess who’s been slacking on posts… Shocking it’s me!

I promise I am in the middle of working on a few different actual blog posts but until then take a looksie at my newest YouTube videos where I show you a bunch food.

Fall To-Do List: 2014

Last year I made a fall to-do list, which I must say I failed miserably, and I thought it would be fun to make this a little tradition and give you guys another one this year (even though this post is terribly delayed, seriously where has October gone?!). I think I may start doing these for ever season to keep me from lying in bed all day.

Rewatch all of the Halloween movies: Last year I just a had the Halloweentowns on the list, this year I’m not going to name drop but I’m going to try to add in as many as possible.

Grab my favourite seasonal treats: Salted caramel hot chocolate, pecan pie clif bars, and orange Oreos. Get at me.

Quit Diet Coke: I’ve been posting about this a lot so you shouldn’t be shocked but by the end of the season I want that junk completely out of my system. For good. 

Start baking again: I was a big baker when I lived at home but due to lack of kitchen I’ve definitely fallen out of it, I’ve only made one real dessert (besides remade cookies) all summer. With the weather getting uglier it’s the perfect time to take it up again and start up the habit. If only I didn’t live alone so I wouldn’t also be the one eating everyone I plan on cooking…

Keep up with school: October is by far the craziest month for me when it comes to classes so I really need to buckle down and make sure I get shit done this time so I don’t completely screw myself over. Seriously though, 3 midterms and 2 papers this week? I can’t.

Save: I know I haven’t even celebrated my 20th (Thursday is so close!) but I’ve already planned my 21st birthday trip so now I just to stick to my savings plan and make it work!

Post More: I know I’m crazy busy but I feel terrible that I haven’t posted a video on their of my YouTube channels since before the summer and find my posts here less frequent than I want them to be. I’m going to actively try to be at least slightly more present online, although I do tweet all the time so be sure to check me out there. And as always tweet me if you have any requests for me!


That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll remember to do and update come winter and then give you another little bucketlist for that season. Is there anything specific you’re hoping to achieve this autumn? Feel free to let me know in the comments!