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Vancouver Visits | Menchie’s West Broadway


I was absolutely beaming when I was given the opportunity to check out the Kits location of Menchie’s and create my summer dream froyo mix. Maybe it’s the white girl in me but I absolutely love frozen yogurt. I’ve always been an ice cream fiend so the fact that this offers a slightly healthier option wins me over. I’m also still one of those big kids who mixes everything together when they get a slurpee so self-serve frozen yogurt bars where I get to throw everything together is a dream come true for me.



I have to say that I absolutely love anything over the bridge. It’s one of the areas of the Lower Mainland that I haven’t ventured to much but the time I spend at Kits last summer made my love it. I’m also trying to use my Tuesday break in between classes in venture out that way a little more so hopefully I’ll know my way around soon enough. This location is on West Broadway just off of Trafalgar, in the middle of everything (also shoutout to Pure Nail Bar which is beside them because that’s where I almost always go to get my toes done). It has plenty of seating inside as well as an adorable little patio outside if you want to enjoy the sunshine. They change them up but offer a variety of sorbets and frozen yogurts (I believe either 10 or 12 options daily) which range from sweet treats like Oreo, cake batter, and peanut butter to something more tangy with plain tart yogurt, raspberry, and other fruity sorbets. They also order a ton of toppings. Seriously… Look at all of them. I feel like this is more toppings than I’ve seen at any other self-serve yogurt bar and I appreciate all the little ones like walnuts, graham crumbs, and roasted almonds. Also I appreciate all the candy which I will definitely be hitting up next time I go in. Then obviously there’s fruit and sauces as well but I need to be in a very specific mood for that so I stuck to the plain toppings today. Now onto my yogurt creation!


I usually go for fruity flavours but I couldn’t pass up trying their newest flavour Oreo so I want for a classic summer staple instead and recreated the classic s’more in froyo. For my base yogurt I used cake batter and Oreo (seriously guys Oreo is so good) and I topped it off with graham cracker crumbs, white mini chocolate chips, loooooots of sprinkles, and a little baby waffle cone for some crunch. I must say it was absolutely delicious and I’m very excited to be hitting Menchie’s up now only in Vancouver but also in the Okanagan when I go home.

IMG_0132 IMG_0136


Finally I wanted to show off what I wore because this is one of my favourite go to outfits for the summer. I mentioned in my last post that I love menswear and this combo is so comfy and so cute I can’t handle it. This is just a large men’s muscle tank from American Apparel (where else am I right?) and a discontinued oversized black chiffon from AA tied around my waist. I also used this monochromatic outfit as an excuse to rock my neon coral Rebecca Minkoff crossbody and threw on some super old Steve Madden strappy sandals and a chunk gold chain necklace (which you totes can’t see in this photo but I promised it looked great okay).

So there you have it kids, be prepared to see some posts throughout the summer of my Menchie’s adventures because you best believe I’ll have the strongest froyo game around. Also a huge thank you to Menchie’s Canada for hooking us bloggers up for the summer! If you hit up a Menchie’s this summer make sure to #MenchiesMyWay showing off your creation and to tag them on Instagram!



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Happy Birthday Vancitychic!

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Crazy to think a year ago today I made my first post on here introducing this blog as a side project for a publishing class I was enrolled it. Now here I am, just renewed my domain for another year. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s stuck around with me through 3 semesters, 3 moves, way too much online shopping, and a hell of a lot of change. Hopefully you aren’t sick of me, and I’d love to hear what else you guys want to see from me! Also I promise I was planning on taking a super professional cupcake photo with a 1 birthday candle and all, but then I burned the cupcakes and all the dollar stores were closed by the time I got out of class. Oops.



Vacationing in Victoria


This Thanksgiving weekend I decided to be an adult and instead of going home to my family my friend and I packed our tiny suitcase and headed to the island to visit friends from high school. Because nothing says adulthood like a precooked chicken and rum and coke out of a wine glass right? Anyways I thought I’d give you guys a little recap of my weekend away from everything. This lovely trip started with 6 hours of travel. The rest of the night was filled with gin and tonics and ANTM (the best way to spend a friday night). Saturday our lovely hosts both worked so we slept in, got sushi with a friend who went to SFU last year, wandered downtown, ended up at Mayfair, bought a lip brush (I was super excited), saw my best friend from my childhood, then watching Gossip Girl until they got home. I also actually managed to get some photos of what I was wearing on Saturday so expect that to be in an upcoming blog post! Then we decided to be all grown up and make ourselves a thanksgiving dinner. I think for four university students we pulled it off pretty well. We had a lovely spread of stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, steamed veggies, gravy, cranberry sauce, and baked portobello mushrooms for the vegetarian in the group. Then obviously that much food had to be accompanied by several gin and tonics, rum and diet cokes, and a bottle of white to class it up at dinner.


Then this morning we finished the trip off with a delicious breakfast at a breakfast place called Willie’s where I enjoyed a lovely plate of meatless eggs benny and a can of diet coke to keep me awake. And now I’m here, on a ferry, taking up a cubicle to blog. So this is me wishing any of my Canadian readers a happy Thanksgiving and I hope all of you are spending the weekend with loving family and friends (and preferably not working which is how I’ll be spending my holiday monday).So happy Thanksgiving to you all and you shall hear from me soon with a post of my outfit of the weekend, along with an upcoming post on my birthday.



blog vancity

P1010926Last weekend I had the joy of attending an event at Metropolis at Metrotown hosted by Sheila, Jordana, and Angela called blogvancity. It was an opportunity for Vancouver based bloggers and vloggers to meet each other, try out new products, as well as meet several different industry professionals. I went with my friend Ania I knew from YouTube before hand and it was amazing to meet some other girls in the city who also worked with YouTube. We also got the chance to met so many bloggers, aka I now have about 40 more blogs I get to add to my reading list (yay!). And then obviously there was the goodie bag which we were all excited about. We were given a few products for everyone as well as a few that we got the choice of different colours/skin types. The products were Revlon, Marcelle, Annabelle, Almay, and some China Glaze polishes provided by NailPolishCanada. Needless to say, most of these products were flawless and I’m so blessed that I got the chance to try them all out. If you want a review on any of the products seen above then I’ll be very happy to do that. Once again a massive thank you to the ladies that set this up for us and I’m really looking forward to future events.

Here’s a list of the ladies involved/links to their blogs:

Alison, Amy, Ania, Ashley, Bailey, Carolyn, Denise, Jayne, Jenelle, Li Lian, Lydia, Mikayla, Nina, Rosie, Sarah, Sellina, VivWhitney



Hello World,

Welcome to my lovely new creation that is my blog. I’ve dabbled in the world of blogging since I started experimenting with social media so when I was given the opportunity to purchase my own domain name and build myself as my own brand, where I wasn’t working for a biggest site, I was excited. When we were given the opportunity to write on anything our heart’s desired I was a little bit overwhelmed. I started to think about what I really enjoyed, what I want to write on, and what I should track that I could tie into the blog as a whole. I’ve recently discovered my love for everything and anything in the beauty and fashion industry and thought, why not base a blog around that. At the same time I didn’t want to restrict myself to only being able to write on that topic alone; I wanted the freedom to talk about my personal life, life as a student and my other interests outside of the fashion industry. So that’s how I stumbled up this name, vancitychic. I feel like it gives me the freedom to write about anything, but it still has my style on top of it. Overall my blog will be a big mix of everything in my life. If I find an article or a topic I find interesting I may write on that, if I want to write about being a student I may write on that. It’s pretty much turned into a running narrative of my life as a young adult who works part-time in the beauty/fashion industry, going to Simon Fraser as a full time student, is working to get involved in school clubs and events, all while being a social media addict.

As for tracking I debated a bunch of things. The one that really struck my interest was the simple but interesting idea of tracking coffee consumption. Sadly, I can bring myself to enjoy coffee so though I would track my other caffeine addiction. Diet Coke. I’ve been doing it through myfitnesspal now but plan on finding a better tracking device to continue tracking in an simpler way.