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Where Have I Been?!

Hey Y’all!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA but it’s been a bit of a crazy month so far. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve been keeping up with all my shenanigans, which include working err day and visiting my family in Kelowna. If Twitter isn’t exciting enough for you hit up Instagram too, because even if it’s boring at least it’s aesthetically pleasing there right?

Not so fun fact; I left my camera in Kelowna. So I had photos and videos prepared but without that memory card I can’t get any of it on my laptop (blogger fail I know). I’m trying to redo those posts and get some exciting stuff up about my mini vacation until then but I promise I have a bunch of idea ready to go and it’s just a matter of getting the material to put the final product out that I’m piecing together now that it has to be redone. Until then enjoy the first video in my series of short videos about my trip!



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The Countdown is On…

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 8.16.40 PM

About two weeks ago I made a somewhat desperate Facebook status looking for someone to take the trip to California with me in a few months for my 21st birthday. It’s not a crazy expensive trip or anything like that but when all of your friends are broke, full-time students it’s difficult to find someone who not only is willing to spend the money but also is okay with missing a week of classes (especially inconvenient since my birthday lands right around the midterm week in October). Lucky for me one of my favourite girlfriend’s who I know from back in high school when I worked with an acting studio replied and immediately hoped on board. This is great because not only do I have the perfect companion for a girl’s trip but she also is a blogger and a vlogger so won’t want to absolutely kill me when I want to stop and take photos of everything. So before I go onto the actual point of the post I thought I’d tell y’all that little story and tell you to check her out! Her blog is Classic Shanelle and she’s not only adorable but super dedicated and talents (she even makes her own illustrations for her blog isn’t that cute!). Seriously go check her out then come back here and I’ll start talking about what I actually wanted to talk about in this what I’m assuming is going to be way to long blog post.

Okay, you read it? We’re good to go? Go grab a Diet Coke or something because this may take a while.

It’s no surprised that I am the queen of procrastination and the only time I really feel motivated to do just about anything is when there’s a deadline put on it. If I have no trips planned or nothing I want to splurge on I can almost guarantee you that my savings account is sitting at $0 but the minute I decide to do something I start to save like 50% of what I earn. I’m the exact same way with my health. I know that people say that you’re supposed to be healthy for you and not for anyone else but we all know that’s a load of crap. Obviously I like being able to walk up the stairs without being winded but tbh I’m doing this to look good in a bikini. And while getting that bikini bod for summer is enough encouragement for some girls I need a set date to kick myself in the butt. So that’s when the countdown comes in. I know it’s suuuuper far away but I keep an ongoing countdown as one of the tabs on my browser as a friendly reminder of how long I have until I’ll be on my way to California.

Since I assume most of the people who read this are fellow broke college students with no free time and even less motivation I thought it would be fun to give you guys a few posts on tips and tricks I plan on using to drop those pesky lbs before I head out of the country come October. Technically I have a fitness program I fully designed for myself that starts in May but it’s kind of crazy so I’ll probably just stick with doing what I’m doing now and start today (she says as she’s fully dressed in gym attire but still just blogging and not actually at the gym). So that’s the plan, maybe once a week or so expect a little tip from me about easy/cheap ways to get your life together.

#1- Cut Food Court Garbage

If you work in retail you feel my struggle on this. Eating at a food court is not only terrible for you (if you’re doing it 4-6 days a week like I have been doing) but it’s also pricey. To give you a little perspective if you go for some of the less healthy options like a regular New York Fries Poutine you’re taking in a whopping 950 calories and 50g of fat like whaaaaaat? Okay maybe you’re better than that then, you try to go with a healthier option like a salad or a sandwhich. The bread alone from Subway can have up to 250 calories and that doesn’t even include your meat, cheese, and condiments. Sad. I know. It’s way easier to pack something at home and actually know what’s in your food. This also gives you the chance to think it out and not be stressed and make a less than great food decision since you only have 30 minutes to decide. So that’s my starting point, next week when I give you guys another tip I’ll let you know how this went.



What’s In My Carry On?

Carry On Essentials

When I’m forced to tell one fact about me I go with one of three facts; either I’m not French in anyways (despite my last name), I played soccer for 13 years, or that I absolutely love travelling. Even if it’s just a short flight home to finish family being on a plane makes me the happiest girl ever. This past week I’ve been (and still am) in the Okanagan visiting family so I thought it was only appropriate for me to make a little post on what I bring in my carry on considering how often I fly.

First of all, keep in mind I pack like a mother of 3 when I travel. My carry on is always packed full of entertainment, things I’m too scared to lose in my regular luggage, and the obvious travel essential. For my bag I use the Kate Spade Sophie Tote, I believe it’s no longer available but you can still find it on ebay and several companies make knockoffs, because it’s the perfect size and squishes  down nicely to fit under the plane seats. It also has a zipper to prevent losing anything and inside pockets (why I like it better than the longchamp bags) to keep everything organized.

For entertainment I bring a few things. Obviously I pack my laptop (it also fall under the ‘too valuable to check’ category) and my phone. The next main thing is my lovely iPad mini, which I mainly bring to listen to podcasts on while I’m in the airport. My new obsession is a podcast called “Guys We Fucked” which is 2 female comedians from New York who bring ex-hookeups on without telling them the topic of the show and questioning them. I warn you it is very 18+ but also hilarious. Besides that I just have the typical travel stuff, I always pick up a magazine and Diet Coke at the airport (usually a Cosmo or Nylon) and this time I brought a book as well for the actual plane ride. I’m a big fan of The Devil Wear Prada so when I saw the sequel at Superstore for 40% off the day before my flight I couldn’t pass it up!

Next up are my liquids, I honestly don’t pack much since this was a short flight and when I’m coming home to family I know there’s enough toiletries there that I don’t have to pack any. This time I just packed some makeup for touchups (they aren’t necessarily liquids but it’s easier to keep them in a bag), a tiny sample size of the La Vanilla Grapefruit perfume I received as a point perk at Sephora. I also threw in a small Jack Black face wash I got as a free gift with my brother’s Christmas gift just because I don’t keep any higher end face products at home.

Odds and ends take up the rest of my bag. I like to carry my laptop charger, USB cord, camera, camera charger, camera cord, and an extra battery in my carry on when I travel just in case (seriously nothing is worse than being stuck at an airport with a dead phone). Then I have my wallet. A few weeks back Kate Spade was on Hautelook and I jumped at this wristlet, it holds all my cards, has a place for my phone, and a wrist strap so it’s perfect for going out. It also have it super easy to take out of my little everyday purse and toss it in my bigger carry on tote for my flights. Lastly I have my passport, which I have inside this super cute J Crew passport holder so it’s easier to see in my bag.

Keep in mind if I’m going on a longer flights I will pack an extra set of clothing, more toiletries, and probably an extra pair of shoes to be comfy on the plane.

So that’s about it, all the little things I stuff into my big bag when I’m planning on take a flight! Feel free to leave me a comment telling me what else you’d bring if you were travelling. Also I rarely post soI thought it was fair to post my instagram, and twitter on here so you guys can keep up with my life outside of my blog.




Vacationing in Victoria


This Thanksgiving weekend I decided to be an adult and instead of going home to my family my friend and I packed our tiny suitcase and headed to the island to visit friends from high school. Because nothing says adulthood like a precooked chicken and rum and coke out of a wine glass right? Anyways I thought I’d give you guys a little recap of my weekend away from everything. This lovely trip started with 6 hours of travel. The rest of the night was filled with gin and tonics and ANTM (the best way to spend a friday night). Saturday our lovely hosts both worked so we slept in, got sushi with a friend who went to SFU last year, wandered downtown, ended up at Mayfair, bought a lip brush (I was super excited), saw my best friend from my childhood, then watching Gossip Girl until they got home. I also actually managed to get some photos of what I was wearing on Saturday so expect that to be in an upcoming blog post! Then we decided to be all grown up and make ourselves a thanksgiving dinner. I think for four university students we pulled it off pretty well. We had a lovely spread of stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, steamed veggies, gravy, cranberry sauce, and baked portobello mushrooms for the vegetarian in the group. Then obviously that much food had to be accompanied by several gin and tonics, rum and diet cokes, and a bottle of white to class it up at dinner.


Then this morning we finished the trip off with a delicious breakfast at a breakfast place called Willie’s where I enjoyed a lovely plate of meatless eggs benny and a can of diet coke to keep me awake. And now I’m here, on a ferry, taking up a cubicle to blog. So this is me wishing any of my Canadian readers a happy Thanksgiving and I hope all of you are spending the weekend with loving family and friends (and preferably not working which is how I’ll be spending my holiday monday).So happy Thanksgiving to you all and you shall hear from me soon with a post of my outfit of the weekend, along with an upcoming post on my birthday.