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About two weeks ago I made a somewhat desperate Facebook status looking for someone to take the trip to California with me in a few months for my 21st birthday. It’s not a crazy expensive trip or anything like that but when all of your friends are broke, full-time students it’s difficult to find someone who not only is willing to spend the money but also is okay with missing a week of classes (especially inconvenient since my birthday lands right around the midterm week in October). Lucky for me one of my favourite girlfriend’s who I know from back in high school when I worked with an acting studio replied and immediately hoped on board. This is great because not only do I have the perfect companion for a girl’s trip but she also is a blogger and a vlogger so won’t want to absolutely kill me when I want to stop and take photos of everything. So before I go onto the actual point of the post I thought I’d tell y’all that little story and tell you to check her out! Her blog is Classic Shanelle and she’s not only adorable but super dedicated and talents (she even makes her own illustrations for her blog isn’t that cute!). Seriously go check her out then come back here and I’ll start talking about what I actually wanted to talk about in this what I’m assuming is going to be way to long blog post.

Okay, you read it? We’re good to go? Go grab a Diet Coke or something because this may take a while.

It’s no surprised that I am the queen of procrastination and the only time I really feel motivated to do just about anything is when there’s a deadline put on it. If I have no trips planned or nothing I want to splurge on I can almost guarantee you that my savings account is sitting at $0 but the minute I decide to do something I start to save like 50% of what I earn. I’m the exact same way with my health. I know that people say that you’re supposed to be healthy for you and not for anyone else but we all know that’s a load of crap. Obviously I like being able to walk up the stairs without being winded but tbh I’m doing this to look good in a bikini. And while getting that bikini bod for summer is enough encouragement for some girls I need a set date to kick myself in the butt. So that’s when the countdown comes in. I know it’s suuuuper far away but I keep an ongoing countdown as one of the tabs on my browser as a friendly reminder of how long I have until I’ll be on my way to California.

Since I assume most of the people who read this are fellow broke college students with no free time and even less motivation I thought it would be fun to give you guys a few posts on tips and tricks I plan on using to drop those pesky lbs before I head out of the country come October. Technically I have a fitness program I fully designed for myself that starts in May but it’s kind of crazy so I’ll probably just stick with doing what I’m doing now and start today (she says as she’s fully dressed in gym attire but still just blogging and not actually at the gym). So that’s the plan, maybe once a week or so expect a little tip from me about easy/cheap ways to get your life together.

#1- Cut Food Court Garbage

If you work in retail you feel my struggle on this. Eating at a food court is not only terrible for you (if you’re doing it 4-6 days a week like I have been doing) but it’s also pricey. To give you a little perspective if you go for some of the less healthy options like a regular New York Fries Poutine you’re taking in a whopping 950 calories and 50g of fat like whaaaaaat? Okay maybe you’re better than that then, you try to go with a healthier option like a salad or a sandwhich. The bread alone from Subway can have up to 250 calories and that doesn’t even include your meat, cheese, and condiments. Sad. I know. It’s way easier to pack something at home and actually know what’s in your food. This also gives you the chance to think it out and not be stressed and make a less than great food decision since you only have 30 minutes to decide. So that’s my starting point, next week when I give you guys another tip I’ll let you know how this went.