Sorry I’ve been around not as often guys, my life has been a little insane (but I have been uploading regularly on my YouTube channels so be sure to follow me there). Tonight I wanted to drop by and share some of the things I’ve been into lately. Some are old, some are new, and some are just kind of ridiculous. Enjoy!


Young and Hungry

I’m a Netflix junkie and this show was one I definitely binge watched. I watched season one a while back but realized that season two was just put up on Netflix and lost my mind. It’s one of those super cheesy romantic comedy series but there’s just something about it that I love. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Emily Osment, Ashley Tisdale, and Jesse McCartney all in the same show as well that tugs on my 90’s Family Channel heart strings. Also I’ve developed the biggest little girl crush on Jonathan Sadowski (seriously why have I not seen him before now?!)… Don’t judge me, just go watch it. You can check out the trailer HERE!


I’ve always been a huge animal lover so it makes me ridiculously sad that I’m stuck in a pet free building and having my dog live over four hours away from me. Clearly the answer to solving this was to buy myself a pet fish. It’s that fine line between it not really being a pet but still feeling like I have a new bff that I need to care for. So meet Fredrick, my new double tail Betta Fish. I think he’s pretty cool. Even though I get mad anxiety when I leave him at home all day when I go to work #newmomthings am I right ladies? PS getting a photo of him is impossible so I promise I’ll have a super cute one up soon.


Bikini Shopping

This blows my mind because there are very few things I hate more than having to wear a bikini but goddammit I do love shopping for them. I decided to be crazy and hit up the VS semi-annual sale a few weeks ago and picked up two new bikinis, as well as I finally revealed a ton of super on sale bikini tops I picked up from American Apparel back when they had their 90% off sale earlier in the year. Now I just need to keep hitting the gym to be confident to rock these guy by the time I hit California in October.

Nails Inc X Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice and nail polish is a combo that just can’t go wrong. I was hesitant to drop this big of a bill on a single bottle of polish but I’m a sucker for packaging and the luxe box and weighted cap made me cave. I’ll have a full review on this guy coming up later this week but spoiler alert: it lasted almost an entire week without chipping and I will 100% be purchasing the new version as well.



I’m not quite sure if it’s my attempt to be trendy or me just trying to pull of wearing pyjamas every day to work but I’ve been loving rocking men’s styles lately. Today I was super cute and comfy for work in this men’s tank in a size large as a dress with a oversized chiffon, not in this photo obviously, tied around my waist and sneakers (seriously one of my new favourite outfits). Yesterday I wore this loose button up with shiny leggings and a cropped bustier underneath for more feminine twist on men’s pieces.



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