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Huge Sephora Haul!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the short hiatus I’ve been crazy busy between work and school lately. I have been uploading every week on my vlog channel and am trying to get a video out every week on my beauty channel as well now.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter on Instagram (which you should or else you’re missing out) I recently started back at Sephora almost 2 months ago which has reignited my makeup buying obsession. I made a collection of things I had purchased since starting again as well as a few on the more exciting things I received in gratis and made a huge summer makeup haul for you guys. I also have the second part of the haul ready to go to show off some new summer clothing, aka lots of bikinis, as well which will be out next week. Hope you guys enjoy!



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Haul: Sephora VIB Rouge Reception

Last Wednesday night I had the joy of being able to go to a VIB Rouge event help at Sephora stores all across Canada (I believe they had them in America but they were on the weekend) that went along with the 4X beauty insider points promotions going on. I’ve been to a VIB event before but this one was exclusive to Rouge clients and was a bit fancier than the one I went to before. As always they had adorable little name tags, water/coffee, and little red and white cupcakes (which were adorable). They had brand reps, were giving contour and highlighting based demos, and introduced the new lip IQ. I expected it to be something fancy but all they do is colour IQ you and use that code to match you with different lip products that match well with your undertones, apparently it worked though because they talked me into buying my match. The other perk of the reception was a free sample bag and VIB Rouge tote with a $50 purchase. So let’s move onto what I actually got…


The first thing I picked up was a big ass bottle of Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. I received a small bottle for gratis around Christmas and have fallen in love since it’s one of the only cleansers I can use with my Clarisonic and that doesn’t sting my eyes. I was going to get the little one but then saw this 480ml on for less than double the price of the 250ml bottle and I couldn’t say no (I may even go exchange it for the 700ml bottle). No idea how I’m going to bring it back on my flight but I’ll make it work.


The next is the lip product I mentioned before. After getting my lip IQ she asked if I was into daring colours (which I totally am) and got matched with this liquid lipstick from Too Faced, I got Melted Violet. I’m a sucker for something innovative and these had good reviews on Temptalia (like A+ god) so I splurged and picked it up. I must say I’m super disappointed. I don’t know if my lips just suck or not but within about 2 hours, no eating and only drinking out of a water bottle, the middle of my lips were flaky and it was wearing off. I don’t know if I got a bad one or if my lips just rejected the product for some reason but this did not work for me. I love the colour though so I think I’m going to go to Sephora when I’m back in Vancouver and try to find a better formula product to exchange it with.


This one is boring but necessary. The weather here is crazy how and I’m prone to sunburns so I picked up the Jack Black lip balm in lemon (again because Temptalia raves about it). I haven’t tried it yet but I may do a full review when I do, let me know if you’d read a super basic lip balm review.


The last thing picked up is a little weird. I had originally planned to pick up the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse since everyone loved it but after chatting with one of the artists (shout out to Kathy)she talked me into trying out the Vita Liberata self tanner than I had previously receive in gratis but never tried out since it was medium and I was scared of it. So instead of shelling out the $44 for a new system I just grabbed the “Everything under the sun tanning set” from Sephora’s house brand that come with a reusable mitt, exfoliating mitt, as well as a tan ‘eraser’ to use on your hands. The best part? It was on sale for only $6! She said it had just gone on sale and it wasn’t out on the floor anymore but she pulled from from the back for me and I’m super excited to give it a try.


Now the most exciting part… SAMPLES. I swear I was willing to spend that $50 just to get the tiny bag of samples. This specific bag was an adorable leather bag with very subtle Sephora logos on it with the following products inside: Buxom’s Lash Mascara in Blackest Black, Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment, Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, Benefit’s Watts Up Highlighter, Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, Algenist’s Complete Eye Renewal Balm (the best part about this sample is the full size is only twice as big as this sample and retails for $81!), Escada Born In Paradise Eau de Toilette, and MUFE HD Blush in 410 (I also received a tiny Clinique acne solutions clinical clearing gel with my purchase).

So there you have it, my mini haul from the event. Hope you enjoyed!



What’s In My Carry On?

Carry On Essentials

When I’m forced to tell one fact about me I go with one of three facts; either I’m not French in anyways (despite my last name), I played soccer for 13 years, or that I absolutely love travelling. Even if it’s just a short flight home to finish family being on a plane makes me the happiest girl ever. This past week I’ve been (and still am) in the Okanagan visiting family so I thought it was only appropriate for me to make a little post on what I bring in my carry on considering how often I fly.

First of all, keep in mind I pack like a mother of 3 when I travel. My carry on is always packed full of entertainment, things I’m too scared to lose in my regular luggage, and the obvious travel essential. For my bag I use the Kate Spade Sophie Tote, I believe it’s no longer available but you can still find it on ebay and several companies make knockoffs, because it’s the perfect size and squishes  down nicely to fit under the plane seats. It also has a zipper to prevent losing anything and inside pockets (why I like it better than the longchamp bags) to keep everything organized.

For entertainment I bring a few things. Obviously I pack my laptop (it also fall under the ‘too valuable to check’ category) and my phone. The next main thing is my lovely iPad mini, which I mainly bring to listen to podcasts on while I’m in the airport. My new obsession is a podcast called “Guys We Fucked” which is 2 female comedians from New York who bring ex-hookeups on without telling them the topic of the show and questioning them. I warn you it is very 18+ but also hilarious. Besides that I just have the typical travel stuff, I always pick up a magazine and Diet Coke at the airport (usually a Cosmo or Nylon) and this time I brought a book as well for the actual plane ride. I’m a big fan of The Devil Wear Prada so when I saw the sequel at Superstore for 40% off the day before my flight I couldn’t pass it up!

Next up are my liquids, I honestly don’t pack much since this was a short flight and when I’m coming home to family I know there’s enough toiletries there that I don’t have to pack any. This time I just packed some makeup for touchups (they aren’t necessarily liquids but it’s easier to keep them in a bag), a tiny sample size of the La Vanilla Grapefruit perfume I received as a point perk at Sephora. I also threw in a small Jack Black face wash I got as a free gift with my brother’s Christmas gift just because I don’t keep any higher end face products at home.

Odds and ends take up the rest of my bag. I like to carry my laptop charger, USB cord, camera, camera charger, camera cord, and an extra battery in my carry on when I travel just in case (seriously nothing is worse than being stuck at an airport with a dead phone). Then I have my wallet. A few weeks back Kate Spade was on Hautelook and I jumped at this wristlet, it holds all my cards, has a place for my phone, and a wrist strap so it’s perfect for going out. It also have it super easy to take out of my little everyday purse and toss it in my bigger carry on tote for my flights. Lastly I have my passport, which I have inside this super cute J Crew passport holder so it’s easier to see in my bag.

Keep in mind if I’m going on a longer flights I will pack an extra set of clothing, more toiletries, and probably an extra pair of shoes to be comfy on the plane.

So that’s about it, all the little things I stuff into my big bag when I’m planning on take a flight! Feel free to leave me a comment telling me what else you’d bring if you were travelling. Also I rarely post soI thought it was fair to post my instagram, and twitter on here so you guys can keep up with my life outside of my blog.




5 College Girl Beauty Essentials

I’ve had a lot of experience living the ridiculously busy life of a college girl. Last year I got away with the no makeup and hoodie look to work everyday but this year I don’t have that luxury, so I’ve come up with some beauty products that I think every busy student needs in their kit.

1. Concealer Primer

I know what you’re thinking, why not just concealer lauren? My answer to that would be that to make your concealer really work for you there’s a lot of work involved. I find if I don’t set it with a powder and check it throughout the day it will b one by the end of the day. Primer, on the other hand, doesn’t have this issue. I’ve been using Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray for a few months now and not only does it work on it’s own because it’s tinted but it also last the entire day until I scrub it off. Bye bye bags!

2. A Decent Coverage One-Step Foundation

This sounds very ominous but it really depends on your skin type whether you want to go with powder or liquid. The moral of the story is to find some type of foundations that have at least a medium coverage and isn’t difficult to apply, this way you don’t have to stress over extra concealer to cover blemishes and you can do it on the go. I switch between my Laura Mercier Foundation Powder (the sponge it comes with is fantastic too) and my Smashbox CC Cream. Both I don’t need a brush to apply, blend out well, and cover everything I need it to!

3. Felt Tip Liquid Liner

Easy to use, quick to apply, lasts all day, and always a polished look. Need I say more? (I recommend the Revlon Colorstay or Marcelle ones from the drugstore!)

4. Holy Grail Lip Balm

Not only does lip balm hydrate your lips but also gives them that lovely ‘I look like I tried even though I’ve only been awake for 4 minutes’ look. My favourites are the b. Karmins (sorry I have no idea where to get these anymore, some sephoras still carry it, others don’t), but I’m also a fan of the Korres lip butters and there are plenty of good quality ones at the drugstore too!

5. Makeup Remover Wipes

My final recommendation isn’t makeup for say but is probably one of the most the most important items in my makeup routine. When you’re working all day then staying up all night writing papers you probably aren’t too concerned about taking your face off at the end of the day. Although I’ve been blessed with my Clarisonic and a great skin care routine through work I still find myself reaching for my good old Costco wipes at the end of the day when I just want to pass out. Believe me, your skin will than you when you let it breathe before you hit the sack.

So there you have it my friends, the 5 things I think every college girl needs in her life. If you have anything else you think I needed to add either leave a comment for me or tweet me @vancitychiblog!



Perfect Pinks!

I’ve been seeing a lot around lately so I thought I would join the trend a make a most on some of my favourite pink products since it’s October (aka breast cancer awareness month). You’ll see that obviously there will be more of some types of products than others since not a lot of pink shadows and whatnot exist but here are a list of my favourite pink products!


1. I Am Strong- Essie

This is one of the polishes that came out with the breast cancer awareness line that Essie did so it would be silly not to include it. It also just happens to be the perfect Barbie pink. I happily wore this on my nails for a few weeks now.

2. Pink Mosaic Blush-Marcelle

Unfortunately I do not know that name of this blush since I received it at blog van city instead of picking it up from the store like normal people. I just love the mix of the shades here, they supply the perfect flush without any glitter or too much colour.

3. Speak Louder-MAC

I will forever rave about this. I picked it up on a whim as a back to MAC and it wasn’t until having it for 6 months did I fall deeply in love with it. Now it’s become my go to pink lipstick. You need it in your life.

4. Clarisonic Mia 2

This is my newest baby, and the packaging is pink so I can include it in here right? My Mia is one of those things that I wasn’t aware that I needed in my life until I had it, now I cannot imagine cleaning my face any other way.

5. Teenage Dream-OPI

We started off with a nail polish so why not end with one. This is one of those products that no matter what the base colour is I get an uncontrollable urge to throw this glitter on top of it. Because nothing is better than a pink and silver glitter, right?



Fall is in the Air…

In case you haven’t stepped outside in the last week, or you have the joy of living in a city that’s a tad less dreary than Vancouver, you would know that the temperature in the lower mainland dropped from 30 to about 15 in about a day and a half. On a more positive note this means that it’s the season for boots, salted caramel hot chocolate, bad Halloween Disney movies, and purple lipstick. So I thought I would compile a few of my favourite things for the fall season.

Let’s get it out of the way and start off with the classic white girl Starbucks drink. Nothing says autumn weather to me like going to Metrotown on the search for a pair on ankle booties and warming my hands with a salted caramel hot chocolate. It’s the perfect delicious mixture of sweet, warm, and salty. Perfection.

Next we shall move on the fall fashions. I’m the kind of person who’s wardrobe is compiled mostly of fall and winter clothing, so nothing makes me happier than being able to whip out my jeans, all black everything, and combat boots. Seriously, very few things in this world make my feet happier than a good pair on combat boots. So now’s your chance ladies, bundle up and fully appreciate the joys of October.

Now onto possibly my favourite part, fall makeup. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to be able to whip out “Rebel” and some dramatic winged liner without the fear of it sweating off of my face half way through the day. Don’t you worry, there will be a future full blog post on my favourite fall beauty products (because some are so fabulous they deserve a post all their own). But needless to say I’m happily pulling out the matte shadows to bring in the season.

Lastly, finally I know, is probably my favourite part of this season. Halloween. As much as I love dark makeup, boots, and warm beverages, it would all be nothing if I didn’t have HalloweenTown 1-3 to come home to at the end of the night (preferably with a warm beverage actually). If any child who was raised in the 2000’s tells me they don’t have good memories around the Halloween episode of That’s So Raven then they’re lying (like for goodness sakes she turns herself into a cow!). I know, I know, I’m going be 19 by the time those roll around but if you stumble into my dorm room any time between September 1st and November 1st you better believe that’s what I’m tuned into.

I guess I’ll leave it at that, there’s my massive rave about how excited I am to finally be able to wear jeans and not overheat in a lecture hall or have a hot chocolate without feeling myself sweat in out 15 minutes later. I hope the rest of you all enjoy this season even half as much as I do and I wish you all a very happy autumn



blog vancity

P1010926Last weekend I had the joy of attending an event at Metropolis at Metrotown hosted by Sheila, Jordana, and Angela called blogvancity. It was an opportunity for Vancouver based bloggers and vloggers to meet each other, try out new products, as well as meet several different industry professionals. I went with my friend Ania I knew from YouTube before hand and it was amazing to meet some other girls in the city who also worked with YouTube. We also got the chance to met so many bloggers, aka I now have about 40 more blogs I get to add to my reading list (yay!). And then obviously there was the goodie bag which we were all excited about. We were given a few products for everyone as well as a few that we got the choice of different colours/skin types. The products were Revlon, Marcelle, Annabelle, Almay, and some China Glaze polishes provided by NailPolishCanada. Needless to say, most of these products were flawless and I’m so blessed that I got the chance to try them all out. If you want a review on any of the products seen above then I’ll be very happy to do that. Once again a massive thank you to the ladies that set this up for us and I’m really looking forward to future events.

Here’s a list of the ladies involved/links to their blogs:

Alison, Amy, Ania, Ashley, Bailey, Carolyn, Denise, Jayne, Jenelle, Li Lian, Lydia, Mikayla, Nina, Rosie, Sarah, Sellina, VivWhitney