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Bad at Birthdays | Vancitychic Turns 2!

Usually when i hit milestone I try to throw a bit of a party but all summer I’ve been working 6 days a week and this week has been an absolute mess. We had a fantastic power outage (aka prety much a blackout) where my apartment lost power for a solid 30+ hours mixed with the fact that it feels like it’s -5 degrees in Vancouver right now. I had fully planned to make cupcakes, or at least pick one up, yesterday but silly me fell asleep instead because constantly exhausted and got nothing done. So instead of a super cute post I’m going to post this photo of me in sweat eating cookie dough ice cream out of the tub like an adult. So happy birthday Vancitychic, I’ll be sure to throw you more a birthday bash on my next day off!




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Bikini Body Breakdown: Getting Started

After having the craziest few months of my life I finally am getting the chance to get up off the couch and accept the fact that eating ice cream 3 meals a day for a week isn’t considered a ‘healthy diet’. So I thought I would start keeping you guys updated on how everything’s going and a few tips I find helpful in my journey.

So I’ll give you a little breakdown about where I’m coming from. Back in high school I was playing soccer 3 times a week, dancing a few days a week, and still doing extra workout on top of that. Then I went off to university and now I’ve become a lump who can barely walk up the stairs without panting. This week I’ve started trying to get out at least once a day, actual squat (because I miss my ass), and not eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting.

Even though I tried to start this a while ago let’s call this Day 1. The day where I start accepting that wearing a sports bra is fantastic and that a little fresh air won’t hurt me. Once I get in more of a routine I’ll post them on here, as well as bit and pieces of my diet. Other than that I was thinking that a monthly update sounds good, unless I’m needy and do every 2 weeks. I hope you guys are okay with me veering a bit away from the beauty posts and into more lifestyle posts, but let me know what you think!

Good luck getting fit,

Lauren xo