It may not come off since I rarely talk about my love for it anymore and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to think straight recently but I absolutely love reading. I was an early reader as a kid and throughout high school I’d rather get a Chapter’s gift card for Christmas than one for the mall and had accumulated hundreds of books before I graduated. When I started university I was filling my reading time with text books and case studies instead of teen dramas and the fact that I was living in a tiny dorm room didn’t exactly give me an ideal housing situation for my books (although I must say I packed quite a few into my freshman dorm room).

Recently the Chapter’s on Robson in Vancouver had a massive liquidation since it’s closing and everything was 50% off. Although I felt like crying a little bit since I absolutely love that store I must admit I was pumped to pick up some new reads. I’ve only started on one of these so far so I don’t have any real opinions yet (believe me I will make an update post when I do) but I wanted to show these babies off.

The first one, and the one that I’ve actually started, is Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. I was a huge fan of #GirlBoss and thought this was going to be along those lines so I decided to give it a shot. Another thing that intrigued me is that it was in the business section, compared to non-fiction or lifestyle which most others are filed under. I must say so far it has lived up to its name, it has the same vibe as Girl Boss but is a little more life guide and a little less memoir. I haven’t finished it yet but so far so good, and as I said I’ll keep you updated.

Next up is one that I’ve been looking to get my hands on for quite a while now but since it’s pretty recent it’s only available in hard cover, which inconveniently made it almost $30 Canadian which is a little steep for my student budget but reasonable when it was half off during the sale. I haven’t started this one yet but if you want a full description of It Was Me All Along check out the Amazon page here, but I’m also gonna give you my little summed up version of it. This is a memoir that depicts the author’s struggle with being overweight up until 20 and then trying to change her relationship with food and find herself in the process. I’ve read a few books that are along these lines and have really enjoyed them so I’m interested to see how I feel about this guy.

Last but not least is one that shows off my weird side that absolutely loves true crime (insert heart eyes emoji here). I stumbled upon the little wonder called Death by CannibalI own quite a few different weird true crime books and I’m a sucker for cheesy ones like this (also a sucker for crazy stories and cannibals tend all be a little insane). I haven’t started this one either, mostly because I don’t want to be seen in public reading this, but I have high hopes. There’s really nothing exciting to this besides lots of messed up true stories.



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