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The Countdown is On…

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About two weeks ago I made a somewhat desperate Facebook status looking for someone to take the trip to California with me in a few months for my 21st birthday. It’s not a crazy expensive trip or anything like that but when all of your friends are broke, full-time students it’s difficult to find someone who not only is willing to spend the money but also is okay with missing a week of classes (especially inconvenient since my birthday lands right around the midterm week in October). Lucky for me one of my favourite girlfriend’s who I know from back in high school when I worked with an acting studio replied and immediately hoped on board. This is great because not only do I have the perfect companion for a girl’s trip but she also is a blogger and a vlogger so won’t want to absolutely kill me when I want to stop and take photos of everything. So before I go onto the actual point of the post I thought I’d tell y’all that little story and tell you to check her out! Her blog is Classic Shanelle and she’s not only adorable but super dedicated and talents (she even makes her own illustrations for her blog isn’t that cute!). Seriously go check her out then come back here and I’ll start talking about what I actually wanted to talk about in this what I’m assuming is going to be way to long blog post.

Okay, you read it? We’re good to go? Go grab a Diet Coke or something because this may take a while.

It’s no surprised that I am the queen of procrastination and the only time I really feel motivated to do just about anything is when there’s a deadline put on it. If I have no trips planned or nothing I want to splurge on I can almost guarantee you that my savings account is sitting at $0 but the minute I decide to do something I start to save like 50% of what I earn. I’m the exact same way with my health. I know that people say that you’re supposed to be healthy for you and not for anyone else but we all know that’s a load of crap. Obviously I like being able to walk up the stairs without being winded but tbh I’m doing this to look good in a bikini. And while getting that bikini bod for summer is enough encouragement for some girls I need a set date to kick myself in the butt. So that’s when the countdown comes in. I know it’s suuuuper far away but I keep an ongoing countdown as one of the tabs on my browser as a friendly reminder of how long I have until I’ll be on my way to California.

Since I assume most of the people who read this are fellow broke college students with no free time and even less motivation I thought it would be fun to give you guys a few posts on tips and tricks I plan on using to drop those pesky lbs before I head out of the country come October. Technically I have a fitness program I fully designed for myself that starts in May but it’s kind of crazy so I’ll probably just stick with doing what I’m doing now and start today (she says as she’s fully dressed in gym attire but still just blogging and not actually at the gym). So that’s the plan, maybe once a week or so expect a little tip from me about easy/cheap ways to get your life together.

#1- Cut Food Court Garbage

If you work in retail you feel my struggle on this. Eating at a food court is not only terrible for you (if you’re doing it 4-6 days a week like I have been doing) but it’s also pricey. To give you a little perspective if you go for some of the less healthy options like a regular New York Fries Poutine you’re taking in a whopping 950 calories and 50g of fat like whaaaaaat? Okay maybe you’re better than that then, you try to go with a healthier option like a salad or a sandwhich. The bread alone from Subway can have up to 250 calories and that doesn’t even include your meat, cheese, and condiments. Sad. I know. It’s way easier to pack something at home and actually know what’s in your food. This also gives you the chance to think it out and not be stressed and make a less than great food decision since you only have 30 minutes to decide. So that’s my starting point, next week when I give you guys another tip I’ll let you know how this went.



Healthy & Budget Friendly Grocery Haul

Guess who’s been slacking on posts… Shocking it’s me!

I promise I am in the middle of working on a few different actual blog posts but until then take a looksie at my newest YouTube videos where I show you a bunch food.

2015 Bucket List

If you follow my YouTube channel you’d know that I’ve been doing bucket list videos for the past few years. I don’t like the concepts of resolutions because they sound like a burden, where as a bucket list sounds like a super exciting adventure you want to shoot for. I know its technically the same thing but a little change it wording can make a difference I find.

So let me start this off by saying this will be a year for me. 2014 was nothing short of terrible for me and I spent a lot of it having no idea who I was and trying to change myself to fit into pretty little boxes people wanted me to be. I ended up losing myself and being very lost about who I was and what I was doing. This year I really want to work towards embracing me more and doing things that I want to do, not just trying to please others. So with that said I’ll give you the list of what’s on my 2015 bucket list.


1. Drink more water

There’s been a few posts on here about my journey to quit Diet Coke (spoiler alert; I’ve relapsed hard over December). I’m hoping to really kick the habit in the new year as well as just upping my water intake to keep my skin and body healthy.

2. Keep my GPA up

Part of the reason 2014 sucked is because I made some stupid academic decisions and didn’t have the best grades in the world. I did really pick it up this past fall which I’m super proud of, but if I want to get into the classes I need in the future I really need to keep it up. Also a sub-point under this one is to kind of figure out what I’m doing with my life course wise in university with my higher GPA.

3. Keep my social media game strong

I always use the excuse that I’m too busy to keep up with my blog and YouTube, and even sometimes Instagram and Twitter, but in reality I’m not. YouTube is more difficult just because the lighting in my apartment is terrible but I have no excuse not to keep my blog on point until I get some real lighting to up my YouTube quality. Once I get a good set up I’m aiming for at least 2 videos a month (hopefully on both channels) and try to get at least 1 blog post up a week! I don’t like setting really specific numbers usually but I think these are realistic and won’t stress me too much so let’s hope I can keep them up.

4. Be more positive

This is one thing I really learned in 2014; that your attitude can change everything. I really want to get myself away from negative people (one of whom is ironically texting me now) and situations and focusing on the goof in life. I always want to let any negative things that do come along to affect me less and not take these negative things I can’t change to heart.

5. Keep my apartment clean(er)

This was originally just going to be to keep my apartment clean but then I realized that isn’t my style and I just don’t do squeaky clean, so it got changed to keeping my apartment cleaner. I can already feel the type A personalities flinching but I’m totally the kind of person who does everything in bed, including eating most of my meals, and them just lets things pile up. So if I can manage to keep my bed clear and actually finally move in then I’ll be set.

6. Treat my teeth better

Even since I was a kid I had terrible dental hygiene. I was the kindergardener running around with 6 cavities and a root canal by the age of 5. I also have a weirdly small mouth but not bad enough for braces so they’re squished in there, far from perfectly pearly white, and sometimes not even the cleanest. I know. I suck. That’s why it’s on this list.

7. Set exercise goals

I’m forever the worst person when it comes making excuses to work out. I have purchased a few different ‘guides’ (the most frequent one being Tone it up) and never manage to force myself to stick to them. I’m hoping in 2015 I actually manage to stick to something and hopefully lose those extra pounds I added on last summer.

8. Eat out less

Since I work in a mall I’m generally eating food court food a couple times a week, which isn’t always the healthiest option. Not only is it full of fat but it’s also super expensive. I’m really hoping to get my meal prep on this year so I’m not eating poutine and froyo errday at work.

 9. Start saving more

I know this is so typical but I’m hoping to bulk up my savings account this year so I not only have some extra cash for a raining day (aka a Kate Spade flash sale) but also so I can actually go on some of the trips I’ve been looking towards for year, which I’ll talk about more in my next post. Also I’m totally guilty of groaning every month when I get my Internet bill and hopefully having some savings will stop that… Maybe.

10. Take risks

I’m already a pretty impulsive person by nature but at the same time get super anxious about pretty much everything which leads me to putting everything off. This year I want to apply for jobs I don’t know if I qualify for, go on trips I’ve been wanting to for years, and step out of my comfort zone.


So there you have it folks. Fingers crossed that I manage to pull off at least like 30% of these, and good luck to you too! Be sure to tweet me what’s on your 2015 bucket list so I can continue to add to mine.



Diet Coke-a-holic Check In: #withdrawls


Okay team, it’s been just over 3 weeks since my original post on quitting Diet Coke so I thought I was due for an update.

I pretty much failed by first 2 weeks partially since I was crazy busy and also because I’m a lazy asshole. Humans are creatures of habits and after spending every night class with a cold Diet Coke I found it impossible to kick. I just felt like I needed it, which I think is fair considering I have 2 hours of philosophy on Friday nights. It wasn’t until this week when I really got it together (besides last Sunday but I was hungover so I thought I deserved it).

I realized there are two main reasons that I found myself reaching for it so often.

1. I needed caffeine but I haaaaate coffee.

2. I’m so busy that I don’t want to find time for food but also don’t want to be hungry.

I know neither of those are reasonable excuses but I feel like there are plenty of college students out there that feel my pain. So now onto my solutions to these problems. The first is the issue of caffeine. If you’re not a coffee hater you can hop on that train but even the smell of it roasting makes me gag (I’m sorry it smells/tastes like burnt dirt to me). Instead when I go to Starbucks I get the Berry Hibiscus Refresher, it’s a cold drink with green tea extract that is mostly water. So you get the best of both worlds, caffeine with extra hydration. Also if you want even more water I order mine one cup size up with extra ice in it so it can melt throughout the drink. Now onto the hunger pains. The simple answer? Water. Who would have thought that water does the exact same thing as filling you up as it’s fizzy counterpart (well I mean like besides everyone who’s ever read any article/magazine that mentions help)? Although it obviously isn’t as filling and healthy as eating a real meal it’s way less expensive and waaaaaay healthier than Diet Coke.

So there you have it folks, the latest saga in my massive struggle to quit the love of my life. If you’re a diet soda fiend like me please share how you deal with it! I’m just over 3 days without it and the caffeine headaches are just starting to disappear.




WIAW: September 17

Let me start this off by saying that I am by no means a nutritionist or have any idea what I’m really doing what it comes to food. But I do think I’m a pretty accurate representation of your average student living a busy life and trying to not eat like complete shit. My eating may not always be on point but on days like today where I have no classes, no work, and the time to make my own meals I try to eat better. So here you have it, my very first what I ate Wednesday.



Well this was kinda a fail. I slept through 2 alarms and ended up eating a handful of almonds and finishing off that final bottle of Diet Coke in my house (aka the one I’m holding in this blog post). I didn’t actually drag myself out of bed until about 12:30 to get in a workout, I was finishing up some law reading and working on some new posts not just lying around I promise, so that explains the lack of food with real nutritional value.



To be honest lunch was almost directly after breakfast because I was starving and didn’t want to push the rest of my meal times too far back. I have some variation of this about 3 or 4 times a week because it takes less than 5 minutes, is filling, and taste fantastic. Today I had a piece of Dempsters “Say No to Fat and Sugar” bread toasted with a quarter of an avocado spread on it instead of butter and an egg fried in the tiniest bit of olive oil on top. Next time I’m planning on using more avocado because I barely tasted it but this was still delicious and will tie me over until later in the afternoon.


Afternoon Snack:

3pm hit and I wasn’t necessarily hungry but I knew I needed something to keep me from snacking. I origially planned this to be banana ‘nicecream’ but my bananas were too ripe when I froze them so the consistency turned out a lot more liquidy. Here’s what I put in my not so pretty looking smoothie; 1 overripe frozen banana, 1/2 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt, a splash of almond milk, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, 2 tsp of temp heart, and 2 tsp of vanilla hemp protein powder (this is what made the colour so gross). Not the best smoothie ever but this protein powder is way better and less ‘proteiny’ that previous ones I’ve used.



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I fancy myself an ‘accidental vegetarian’. Before I never planned to avoid meat but it just happened since non-meat products tend to be easier to prepare and a lot less expensive. I decided to pick up some meatless chicken strips at Superstore last time I went and decided to give them a shot tonight. I also decided to have a sweet potato as a side since according to my marcos I’m seriously lacking in carbs today, and I wanted something a bit more filling.

The only other snack I had throughout the day was a whole ton of water, and Arizona iced tea I randomly found while unpacking. Now I’m prepping tomorrow breakfast since I need to be up early for my law class (okay not early but 9 is a struggle for me) and planning what I can get away with eating at work all weekend.

Let me know if you guys like these posts or if you want me to scrap them!



Confession of a Diet Coke-a-holic

Okay team, I have a problem. Last year, around this time actually, I was in a publishing class that made me track a habit of mine. If you’ve been around for forever you would remember that I tracked my Diet Coke consumption. If you thought it was bad then I regret to inform you that it only went downhill from there. This past summer the mix of working full time and dollar drinks at McDonald’s resulted in me averaging about 3 litres a day of the beautiful concoction that is Diet Coke. It wasn’t until I started counting how many I drank (I lost count at about 75 mid-July) that I realized I had a full blown addiction. So this fall I’ve decided to face this addiction head on and completely quit Diet Coke, except for Diet Coke nail polish of course because that stuff is fab. I’ve decided blog readers are nosey and I love to talk about myself the only logical way to approach this is to constantly update y’all on how it’s going.

My Last Bottle
My Last Bottle

So here’s part one of the journey. The photo above is the last 2 litre bottle in my fridge that I’m letting myself finish off. I’ll be sure to keep this as up to date as possible as it goes on, I don’t have high hopes for this. As of right now I’ve already cut it out besides maybe one small glass a day and I’m the most tired, which I’m pretty sure is also because I’ve started working out again for the first time in months. I’m hoping this’ll get better as I replace it with water but I’m moderately terrified. Wish me luck?



Back to School Survival Guide: College Freshman Edition

If you’re awesome and follow me on Twitter and Instagram you would know that this year I’ll be going into my third year of university at SFU. As much as I’ve struggled with everything from catty sorority girls to science classes GPAs in the past few years, I always find myself looking forward to the September long weekend and going back. Since I have been through a significant amount of crap I thought that maybe I would be suitable to spit some advice to you recent high school grads going into the ‘real world’ (spoiler alert: college is not the real world).

tipsforbacktoschool 1. Actually Go To Class

This is one of those stupid sounding basic tips that isn’t necessary, yet someone it’s mentioned in every college advice blog post and video out there. When you’re going only going to class a few hours a day, a few days a week and live off campus you need some crazy will power to actually drag your butt to everyone (because no on likes learning about human kinetics at 8:30). A lot of courses offer 10% of your mark in participation, some education courses at my school offered up to 60%, so just simply showing up and answering some questions in tutorial can push you from a fail to pass (or a B to an A if you’re an overachiever like that…)

2. Write Everything Down!

I personally keep a planner with me at all times (if you’d like I’ll make an entire post on how I use my Lilly planner) and then keep a large desk calendar or an even larger calendar at home to keep two copies of important dates. When a prof says an exam date or an extra credit assignment obviously you’ll remember it because it’s important right? Wrong! When you’re getting multiple dates, paper guidelines, tutorial times, and text book readings it’s hard to keep it all straight. If you write it down in an agenda or notebook specifically for these notes you’re way more likely to check on them and keep up with them then just scrawling them in the margins of notebooks.

3. Stay Calm, Stay Positive.

I’m the worst for this. Put a math problem in front of me and if I can’t get it in 15 minutes I’m in tears, this is also why I don’t take math classes. After years of doing this through high school college taught me to just care less about it. Being stressed does nothing but hinder your ability to get anything done and makes you feel a million times worse about yourself, so as hard as it is try to stay positive. Obviously it’s difficult sometimes but if you keep yourself organized it makes staying calm waaaaay easier.

4. Figure Out What Works For You.

Some people are test people, some people are paper people. I am a paper person which made exams and studying for them not my strong suit. I was also the kind of student that got through high school without actually studying so university was a shock. Unfortunately there is no way to just know what works for you and is more of a trial and error process. Try to stay as prepared as possible as eventually you’ll just fall into a routine. The moral of this tip is that just because your friends can lock themselves in the library for hours after the exam doesn’t mean that’ll work for you, and that’s okay.

5. Stay Healthy!

I mean this both physically and emotionally. I’m planning on making a separate post that’s entirely about avoiding the dreaded freshman 15, or freshman 30 in some cases, so don’t worry about that. Staying emotionally healthy goes hand in hand with that. Although stress is unavoidable throughout college remembering to stay calm, plan ahead to avoid freaking out, and knowing what works for you (see previous point) can save you from a ton of nasty things physically (bloating, headaches, insomnia). So hit the gym and keep a calendar ladies!

So there you have it, my 5 top tips for all you incoming college freshman. Hopefully you guys can avoid some of the things I fell for.



*I’m sorry this is so late but as I explain in my next post I’ve had no internet for the past week and a half since I moved into a new apartment. Sorry guys!

Bikini Body Breakdown: Getting Started

After having the craziest few months of my life I finally am getting the chance to get up off the couch and accept the fact that eating ice cream 3 meals a day for a week isn’t considered a ‘healthy diet’. So I thought I would start keeping you guys updated on how everything’s going and a few tips I find helpful in my journey.

So I’ll give you a little breakdown about where I’m coming from. Back in high school I was playing soccer 3 times a week, dancing a few days a week, and still doing extra workout on top of that. Then I went off to university and now I’ve become a lump who can barely walk up the stairs without panting. This week I’ve started trying to get out at least once a day, actual squat (because I miss my ass), and not eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting.

Even though I tried to start this a while ago let’s call this Day 1. The day where I start accepting that wearing a sports bra is fantastic and that a little fresh air won’t hurt me. Once I get in more of a routine I’ll post them on here, as well as bit and pieces of my diet. Other than that I was thinking that a monthly update sounds good, unless I’m needy and do every 2 weeks. I hope you guys are okay with me veering a bit away from the beauty posts and into more lifestyle posts, but let me know what you think!

Good luck getting fit,

Lauren xo