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Bad at Birthdays | Vancitychic Turns 2!

Usually when i hit milestone I try to throw a bit of a party but all summer I’ve been working 6 days a week and this week has been an absolute mess. We had a fantastic power outage (aka prety much a blackout) where my apartment lost power for a solid 30+ hours mixed with the fact that it feels like it’s -5 degrees in Vancouver right now. I had fully planned to make cupcakes, or at least pick one up, yesterday but silly me fell asleep instead because constantly exhausted and got nothing done. So instead of a super cute post I’m going to post this photo of me in sweat eating cookie dough ice cream out of the tub like an adult. So happy birthday Vancitychic, I’ll be sure to throw you more a birthday bash on my next day off!




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Happy Birthday Vancitychic!

Photo on 14-09-16 at 7.39 PM #2

Crazy to think a year ago today I made my first post on here introducing this blog as a side project for a publishing class I was enrolled it. Now here I am, just renewed my domain for another year. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s stuck around with me through 3 semesters, 3 moves, way too much online shopping, and a hell of a lot of change. Hopefully you aren’t sick of me, and I’d love to hear what else you guys want to see from me! Also I promise I was planning on taking a super professional cupcake photo with a 1 birthday candle and all, but then I burned the cupcakes and all the dollar stores were closed by the time I got out of class. Oops.



All About maikanguyen.

So this week I was given Maika’s first paper to review. In her paper she discusses how different parts of a blog itself impacts the voice of the blog as well as how blogging as a whole has become integrated in the technological society we all now call our lives. She also discusses what exactly publishing is in the modern day, touching on how publishing is no longer just books but spreads itself out to social networking sites such as YouTube and Tumblr as well.

Overall her paper was quite enjoyable to read. It opened up with amazing stat on how many of us bloggers are really out there and seamlessly moved onto different topics from there. I like that she looked at different points outside of just the blogging world as publishing as well. When most people discuss this shift they see it as book vs blogging instead of the mass amount of other social media that also controls the technological world of publication.

I think my favourite part of this paper is the quote she used from Matthew Sadler that said, “Publication is not the sale of books, per se; it’s not the pursuit of beauty or the creation of a record or an archive. It’s not simply a tool for transmitting information; publication is a political strategy, the creation of a public”.  I think that quote really show how modern online publication can hold it’s own and is more than just some kids in their parent’s basements typing away about there lives.

Like I said before, overall I really enjoyed her paper and the different aspects it discussed throughout it. I think anyone who is a firm believer that publication is only for books should take a look at a few of these points and see that the modern generation has a lot more going for it is publishing that they may have thought.

So now that you’ve read this go over to Maika’s blog and read the paper for yourself!