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Loving Lately | July 13, 2015

Sorry I’ve been around not as often guys, my life has been a little insane (but I have been uploading regularly on my YouTube channels so be sure to follow me there). Tonight I wanted to drop by and share some of the things I’ve been into lately. Some are old, some are new, and some are just kind of ridiculous. Enjoy!


Young and Hungry

I’m a Netflix junkie and this show was one I definitely binge watched. I watched season one a while back but realized that season two was just put up on Netflix and lost my mind. It’s one of those super cheesy romantic comedy series but there’s just something about it that I love. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Emily Osment, Ashley Tisdale, and Jesse McCartney all in the same show as well that tugs on my 90’s Family Channel heart strings. Also I’ve developed the biggest little girl crush on Jonathan Sadowski (seriously why have I not seen him before now?!)… Don’t judge me, just go watch it. You can check out the trailer HERE!


I’ve always been a huge animal lover so it makes me ridiculously sad that I’m stuck in a pet free building and having my dog live over four hours away from me. Clearly the answer to solving this was to buy myself a pet fish. It’s that fine line between it not really being a pet but still feeling like I have a new bff that I need to care for. So meet Fredrick, my new double tail Betta Fish. I think he’s pretty cool. Even though I get mad anxiety when I leave him at home all day when I go to work #newmomthings am I right ladies? PS getting a photo of him is impossible so I promise I’ll have a super cute one up soon.


Bikini Shopping

This blows my mind because there are very few things I hate more than having to wear a bikini but goddammit I do love shopping for them. I decided to be crazy and hit up the VS semi-annual sale a few weeks ago and picked up two new bikinis, as well as I finally revealed a ton of super on sale bikini tops I picked up from American Apparel back when they had their 90% off sale earlier in the year. Now I just need to keep hitting the gym to be confident to rock these guy by the time I hit California in October.

Nails Inc X Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice and nail polish is a combo that just can’t go wrong. I was hesitant to drop this big of a bill on a single bottle of polish but I’m a sucker for packaging and the luxe box and weighted cap made me cave. I’ll have a full review on this guy coming up later this week but spoiler alert: it lasted almost an entire week without chipping and I will 100% be purchasing the new version as well.



I’m not quite sure if it’s my attempt to be trendy or me just trying to pull of wearing pyjamas every day to work but I’ve been loving rocking men’s styles lately. Today I was super cute and comfy for work in this men’s tank in a size large as a dress with a oversized chiffon, not in this photo obviously, tied around my waist and sneakers (seriously one of my new favourite outfits). Yesterday I wore this loose button up with shiny leggings and a cropped bustier underneath for more feminine twist on men’s pieces.



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Spring Staples: Nail Polish



Around this time last year I released a blog post on my top 5 nail polishes for summer, which I’m pretty sure has been my most popular post to date. I must say I was being a little premature last time around considering summer doesn’t actually begin until the end of June… So this year I decided to actually get my seasons straight and give you guys some spring polishes first (I mean I know I’m a little late sorry about that). So here you have it ladies, some of my fav springy nail polishes.


This is either the ugliest or the cutest colour ever. It’s true to the name “American Denim”, a true blue jeans blue. Also this guy is on sale at American Apparel for 50% so I mean you need it right (I can’t find it online but my store has like a bajillion so you can probs track on down in store still)?


It wouldn’t be a spring nail post without a little lavender am I right ladies? This one is pale without making my super pale sense look even more washed out and I love the Formula X formula (actually cringed while writing that I’m sorry you had to read it). Side note: Sephora describes this colour as “lavender mist” and I don’t even know what that means but it’s pretty so whateva.


I don’t even need to talk about this one. It’s salmon and adorable and Essie’s formula is on point and isn’t streaky and this colour gets me a million compliments every time I wear it to work. Van D’Go is flawless, okay bye.


This guy has all the swatches because I wanted to try and show how one layer compared to two (tops is one, bottom is two). I think it’s super cute by itself but it looks great on top of another colour as well, Van D’Go here. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but sometime I just want to feel like a pretty princess and this does it for me. Sorry… Can’t find this one online either but it was also 50% off in store if you can track it down!

NailSwatch5.1First things first, sorry this is the messiest swatch ever but my nails were struggling. This one is probably my most worn polish from the past few months. I think white nail polish look so chic and effortless and as you can see I love American Apparel’s formula (fun fact they’re made in the same place as OPI but are $3 less expensive). I’ve heard raves about Blanc from Essie but I’m gonna stick to this bad boy for the time being.

So there you have it folks, just a little handful of both my old and some new favourites. My favourite two are T-Shirt and Van D’Go but clearly I like the rest of them enough to put them in a post so they’re all pretty fab. So if you don’t have any of these go get yourself some (or at least try to find some similar colours)!




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Back to School Basics: Fashion

Whether you’re going into your freshman year of high school or senior year of college I think there are a few pieces every girl needs to have in her fall wardrobe. So I’ll cut right to the chase and present you with my back to school fashion must haves.


Comfortable Jeans

This is an obvious #1 wardrobe staple. I’m personally more into black jeans since they go with everything and after going high wasited I’ll never go back. My favourite pair is the American Apparel Easy Jeans, they come in a million colours (loving them in burgandy for fall) and are super super stretchy without the cheap no pocket/no zipper look of jeggings. If you aren’t into high waisted jeans I also recommend American Eagle’s Skinny Jeans, before AA came into my life I lived in these.


‘Goes With Everything’ Cardigan

I didn’t realize I needed this item so badly until I bought it, now I’m kinda ashamed to say I’ve already planned buying the other 2 colours for my next pay cheque. It is a big pricey but the American Apparel Shawl Cardigan goes with literally everything and looks effortlessly chic. Not only is it super cute but also surprisingly warm. A more affordable option is this knit cardigan from Garage, the American Eagle open knit cardigan, and this one from Forever 21 looks almost identical to the $90 AA one (maybe a tad bit thinner).


The Perfect Planner

In my freshman advice post I mentioned how planning and writing down dates will save you so much stress. I personally use a Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (mine is in trippin and sippin) but there are some cute ones the same size from Kate Spade as well as some more affordable ones from Victoria Secret Pink. Also is you’re too classy for bright colours and patterns a basic leather planner always works too.


Cute Booties

And I ain’t talking about what you’ve been working towards with those squats. There’s nothing that pulls an outfit together and makes you look like you tried harder than some heeled booties (flat ones obviously for younger girls). You can go all out and get some real leather ones like the Joplyn Booties from Steve Madden or a far less exensive but fantastic quality option is any of the booties from Old Navy (I’ve had a pair for a year I wear like crazy that show almost no wear). Aldo also makes a ton of real leather ankle boots including these adorable oxford inspired ones.


Functional Bag

Last but not least is a wearable everyday bag to carry all that school junk around. My go to bag is the Sophie Tote from Kate Spade (it’s no longer carried but this one is the closest I can find currently from Kate Spade), H&M also carries an almost identical version of the Sophie tote though. I also picked up last season’s version of this structured bag for $30 at an Aldo outlet. Finally I thought I’d leave you with a backpack. I’m not one for them but I think they’re appropriate for high school. I know I’m basic but I’m a fan of the original Herschel  backpack in black as well as this adorable pink one.

Have fun back to school shopping!



Christmas in August?

DaysUntilChristmasI mentioned in my “What’s in my carry on?” post about a month ago that if there’s something you should know about me it’s that I love travelling. I have another one to add to the list of things that are essential to lauren’s life, and that is Christmas. I freaking love Christmas. I know you’re thinking, doesn’t everyone love Christmas? I mean it is the most wonderful time of the year. To which I say yes, but I really love Christmas. To the point where I watch Christmas movies year round and never get sick of Christmas music (which is shocking considering I work in retail). I’m also a gift giver, so I thought I would take this time to supply you with some lovely links for all those summer time Christmas lovers out there like me. And to everyone else who thinks I’m crazy, #sorrynotsorry.

My ‘Christmas Cheer’ Board on Pintrest (I update this all the time)

HD Streaming Link to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

The Best Throwback Christmas Song EVER

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (to shop super early and super cheap for all the preps in your life)

23 Signs You’re Obsessed with Christmas

My Favourite Hilarious (and 18+ Christmas Radio Station)

The fact that Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate is available all year.

All the winter styles; like this velvet dress I bought today, this velvet tee I’m planning on picking up in navy and possibly red closer to the holidays, this velvet skater dress I’m looking into in wine or navy, these cropped long sleeves I’m going to pick up in every colour once my location gets them, all these in navy (I already have the navy chiffon tank since it’s on sale at some stores!), and finally this skirt in crème to match all the navy tops I’m going to pick up. Sorry this is probably overwhelming but I’ve been uploading all the stock the past few days and I’m dyyyyyyiiiiiing over all the velvet. It’s too good. Also I will still be doing a fall/winter fashion must haves to make sure to watch out for that come October.

Happy Super Early Holidays!