I was going through my reading list and saw on Bailey’s blog that she had written a “Fall to-do list” and as a busy student and an avid list maker I knew I had to jump on that. So I thought I would compile a list of things I want to achieve before the season is out.

Rewatch all of the “Halloweentown” movies: These have been a huge part of my childhood and every year I know I have to revisit it when the season rolls around. Sadly this year I’m spending Thanksgiving away from my family (aka away from cable) so I’ve decided to stream them all online instead of laying on the couch all weekend soaking them up.

Organize my desk: I’ve been in a constant up and down for the last month with my personal and professional life so now that I’m happily settled I’m determined to finally get my desk up to par so I can be at peace. Also then I can do a very recommended dorm room tour again this year.

Happily ring in 19: I’ve been looking towards being legal for years so it blows my mind that it’s finally upon me. I’m determined to let everything go and spend next week surrounding myself with amazing people and girly drinks.

 Start posting ootd/fotd: I’m very much guilty of getting lazy and not wanting to take my own photos to post. But I know to grow I need to get into the swing of things so I know I’m going to have to start working on actually letting you guys see me more!

Be more adventurous: I mean this in a few different ways, but the main one would be my drink choices. I guess part of this relates back to being 19 but I feel at this point in my life I need to step back from just long island iced teas and appreciate the dramatic world of crazy coloured drinks that come in martini glasses.  The other half is my Starbucks obsession. I’ve been on the go like crazy lately so I’ve decided to ween myself onto coffee. I’m even debating making another full post on my journey to becoming a coffee lover.

So there are a few of my points on my to-do list for this season. Feel free to do this (and tweet at me if you do!) if you’re a list maker like me, or if you just need an excuse to get organized.