OPI X Coca-Cola Collaboration
OPI X Coca-Cola Collaboration

OPI is well known for coming out with collections with everyone and their mother, so it’s about time they collaborated with Coca Cola and came out with some new polishes based off of different Coke products. If you know me you’d know that I practically bleed Diet Coke so I couldn’t dare pass this opportunity up (Also nailpolishcanada.ca had a discount on OPI polishes so I justified it).

OPI's My Signature Is DC
OPI’s My Signature Is DC

To be honest I only purchased “My Signature is “DC”” because it was the polish based off of Diet Coke but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It is described as a super shimmery silver, and that’s exactly what it is! This polish is a beautiful silver, almost chrome, colour with very very find silver glitter throughout it as well. I am a fan of the colour but it’s really the formulation of this polish that does it for me. In one coat it was completely opaque and wasn’t chunky or rough in any way, which I find is an issue sometimes with glittery polishes. I like this polish way more than I expected when I purchased it and will definitely be reaching for it come the holiday season.

OPI's Today I Accomplished Zero
OPI’s Today I Accomplished Zero

The other polish I purchased is “Today I Accomplished Zero”, based off of my second favourite beverage Diet Coke. This polish is described as a red glitter suspended in a black jelly base. I’m glad they called it a jelly base and not a regular polish base because it’s as sheer as sheer can be. With the first coat I was not too impressed, although there was enough red glitter for my liking the black was almost non existent. Luckily the second coat was a lot better but still nothing fantastic. My other issue with this one is the texture; after drying it was matte(ish) and chunky. Even with a top coat on it I can see feel the lumps of glitter underneath it, not cool. It is a pretty colour and I’ll probably include it in my Halloween/fall picks but if you’re debating shelling out the $10 for this one I’d say no.

If you want to take a look at the rest of the collection you can take a look here! My only other comment is how I must gush about Nail Polish Canada again, free shipping in Canada and they look less than 2 full days to ship it this time (love them!). Moral of this post, Diet Coke wins my heart… Again.