Okay team, it’s been just over 3 weeks since my original post on quitting Diet Coke so I thought I was due for an update.

I pretty much failed by first 2 weeks partially since I was crazy busy and also because I’m a lazy asshole. Humans are creatures of habits and after spending every night class with a cold Diet Coke I found it impossible to kick. I just felt like I needed it, which I think is fair considering I have 2 hours of philosophy on Friday nights. It wasn’t until this week when I really got it together (besides last Sunday but I was hungover so I thought I deserved it).

I realized there are two main reasons that I found myself reaching for it so often.

1. I needed caffeine but I haaaaate coffee.

2. I’m so busy that I don’t want to find time for food but also don’t want to be hungry.

I know neither of those are reasonable excuses but I feel like there are plenty of college students out there that feel my pain. So now onto my solutions to these problems. The first is the issue of caffeine. If you’re not a coffee hater you can hop on that train but even the smell of it roasting makes me gag (I’m sorry it smells/tastes like burnt dirt to me). Instead when I go to Starbucks I get the Berry Hibiscus Refresher, it’s a cold drink with green tea extract that is mostly water. So you get the best of both worlds, caffeine with extra hydration. Also if you want even more water I order mine one cup size up with extra ice in it so it can melt throughout the drink. Now onto the hunger pains. The simple answer? Water. Who would have thought that water does the exact same thing as filling you up as it’s fizzy counterpart (well I mean like besides everyone who’s ever read any article/magazine that mentions help)? Although it obviously isn’t as filling and healthy as eating a real meal it’s way less expensive and waaaaaay healthier than Diet Coke.

So there you have it folks, the latest saga in my massive struggle to quit the love of my life. If you’re a diet soda fiend like me please share how you deal with it! I’m just over 3 days without it and the caffeine headaches are just starting to disappear.