It hit me hard when I went to pick up new lip balm today and there was a huge sign in front of Superstore that declared that there was only 34 shopping days left until Christmas. So I thought before the whole Black Friday craziness goes down I would start these posts on some ideas for different people in your lives. Obviously this will change compared on the specific person’s style and what they already have but I’m going to give some general ideas.

I thought it was safest to start with men because I constantly hear that they are the hardest to stop for (which I must say it completely untrue for me). I’ve seen a lot of ‘preppy’ blogs do these posts on what to buy your boyfriend and I laugh so hard diet coke spits out my nose at some of the suggestions. He probably doesn’t want nor need an embroidered belt, quilted picture frame, or any sort of keychain (#sorrynotsorry). I was aiming to find gifts that at least 80% of guy will get some use out of, even if it isn’t something extravagant. I also didn’t want to just keep this to boyfriends alone, us single girls still have brothers and bffs to buy for so don’t expect a cutesy couples gift on this list. Okay? Let’s go!

The Sporty Guy

This one is actually the easiest since there’s a million things to get. If you hit sales you can manage to get an Under Armour or Nike compression/workout shirts for pretty cheap, I picked up one from the outlet for $20 but they’re on the website for $35 regularly which isn’t too bad.  Another great clothing option is shorts! My brother wears his to the gym every day and never thinks about guying a new pair (seriously everyone always remembers shirts and forgets these guys). This pair is only $35 as well and are almost identical to the ones he has and loves. Another option is the food option, I’m not an expert by any means in this department but if you drop into any GNC or health store you’ll be sure to get the low down on exactly what you need. This gift is perfect because it’s something you’ll know be uses and would buy for himself. Finally I bring you the most boring gift ever, headphones. Every gym goer needs these, so why not give them a high quality pair they’ll be sure to get some use out of.

The Nerd

If you have one of these guys in your life then you’re lucky and embrace it. The best thing about this is even though you think you need to get super high tech gifts you totally don’t, because they’ve already got that for themselves. My first (and favourite) option is a super cool old school watch, if you want to go all out get a calculator watch, but if they’re a little more subtle these Casio 90’s remakes are pretty sweet too. More on the tech related side another super practical gift is portable chargers, there’s a ton of cute pink ones floating around for girls but you can find some super cheap/plain ones all over the place for your favourite dude too.

The Bro

This one is also easy, because he’ll probably like anything you give him and never shops for himself. These gifts can apply to just about any guy in your life so they’re good fall back. Once again, clothing. Guys don’t buy themselves clothing very often so this is a good go to gift. Don’t go too flashy or try too hard to be trendy, the point is you want them to get use out of it. I like to stick to basics; hoodies, and t-shirts (tri-blends and power washed tees I find are best for guy since neither shrink so even the laziest can wash them without fail) which are handy because almost all types are available online in 3-packs to save some cash. Another easy option is a phone case, and I don’t mean some frilly case which a photo of a kitten printed on it. Most models of phones offer LifeProof cases which can withstand almost anything and have a warranty on them. Obviously I have to include food too, literally any gift card for food is a fantastic gift. I know people say gift cards are “impersonal” (which I think is bullshit) but you always get your best girlfriend a Starbucks gift card, why not throw in a Subway or Chipotle one for your man?

Finally I shall present you with the ultimate gift for pretty much any guy out there (who’s legal in your country of course) and that’s…. ALCOHOL! If he’s a super class fellow you can go with a bottle of whiskey and if he’s more realized (or you don’t want to spend the money) it’s easy to go with a 6-pack of beer and pull it off as a gag gift. There’s also great places all over that offer single oversized bottles of craft beer which make a fantastic gift since you know he’ll never shell out the money to buy it for yourself.

So there you have it my friends, my mini gift guide for all the men in your lives. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on what ti get your man that he’ll actually get some use out of.