If you’re awesome and follow me on Twitter and Instagram you would know that this year I’ll be going into my third year of university at SFU. As much as I’ve struggled with everything from catty sorority girls to science classes GPAs in the past few years, I always find myself looking forward to the September long weekend and going back. Since I have been through a significant amount of crap I thought that maybe I would be suitable to spit some advice to you recent high school grads going into the ‘real world’ (spoiler alert: college is not the real world).

tipsforbacktoschool 1. Actually Go To Class

This is one of those stupid sounding basic tips that isn’t necessary, yet someone it’s mentioned in every college advice blog post and video out there. When you’re going only going to class a few hours a day, a few days a week and live off campus you need some crazy will power to actually drag your butt to everyone (because no on likes learning about human kinetics at 8:30). A lot of courses offer 10% of your mark in participation, some education courses at my school offered up to 60%, so just simply showing up and answering some questions in tutorial can push you from a fail to pass (or a B to an A if you’re an overachiever like that…)

2. Write Everything Down!

I personally keep a planner with me at all times (if you’d like I’ll make an entire post on how I use my Lilly planner) and then keep a large desk calendar or an even larger calendar at home to keep two copies of important dates. When a prof says an exam date or an extra credit assignment obviously you’ll remember it because it’s important right? Wrong! When you’re getting multiple dates, paper guidelines, tutorial times, and text book readings it’s hard to keep it all straight. If you write it down in an agenda or notebook specifically for these notes you’re way more likely to check on them and keep up with them then just scrawling them in the margins of notebooks.

3. Stay Calm, Stay Positive.

I’m the worst for this. Put a math problem in front of me and if I can’t get it in 15 minutes I’m in tears, this is also why I don’t take math classes. After years of doing this through high school college taught me to just care less about it. Being stressed does nothing but hinder your ability to get anything done and makes you feel a million times worse about yourself, so as hard as it is try to stay positive. Obviously it’s difficult sometimes but if you keep yourself organized it makes staying calm waaaaay easier.

4. Figure Out What Works For You.

Some people are test people, some people are paper people. I am a paper person which made exams and studying for them not my strong suit. I was also the kind of student that got through high school without actually studying so university was a shock. Unfortunately there is no way to just know what works for you and is more of a trial and error process. Try to stay as prepared as possible as eventually you’ll just fall into a routine. The moral of this tip is that just because your friends can lock themselves in the library for hours after the exam doesn’t mean that’ll work for you, and that’s okay.

5. Stay Healthy!

I mean this both physically and emotionally. I’m planning on making a separate post that’s entirely about avoiding the dreaded freshman 15, or freshman 30 in some cases, so don’t worry about that. Staying emotionally healthy goes hand in hand with that. Although stress is unavoidable throughout college remembering to stay calm, plan ahead to avoid freaking out, and knowing what works for you (see previous point) can save you from a ton of nasty things physically (bloating, headaches, insomnia). So hit the gym and keep a calendar ladies!

So there you have it, my 5 top tips for all you incoming college freshman. Hopefully you guys can avoid some of the things I fell for.



*I’m sorry this is so late but as I explain in my next post I’ve had no internet for the past week and a half since I moved into a new apartment. Sorry guys!