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P1010926Last weekend I had the joy of attending an event at Metropolis at Metrotown hosted by Sheila, Jordana, and Angela called blogvancity. It was an opportunity for Vancouver based bloggers and vloggers to meet each other, try out new products, as well as meet several different industry professionals. I went with my friend Ania I knew from YouTube before hand and it was amazing to meet some other girls in the city who also worked with YouTube. We also got the chance to met so many bloggers, aka I now have about 40 more blogs I get to add to my reading list (yay!). And then obviously there was the goodie bag which we were all excited about. We were given a few products for everyone as well as a few that we got the choice of different colours/skin types. The products were Revlon, Marcelle, Annabelle, Almay, and some China Glaze polishes provided by NailPolishCanada. Needless to say, most of these products were flawless and I’m so blessed that I got the chance to try them all out. If you want a review on any of the products seen above then I’ll be very happy to do that. Once again a massive thank you to the ladies that set this up for us and I’m really looking forward to future events.

Here’s a list of the ladies involved/links to their blogs:

Alison, Amy, Ania, Ashley, Bailey, Carolyn, Denise, Jayne, Jenelle, Li Lian, Lydia, Mikayla, Nina, Rosie, Sarah, Sellina, VivWhitney



Customize Me,

I sent my week looking further into options to customize for this platform.I’m used to the world of tumblr where everything is based off of html, so I was somewhat turned off originally by the inability to change everything through the set WordPress themes. I eventually installed a bunch, played around, and learned which ones are more lenient than others. After trying out a few different ones I eventually landed on SueveFree. I think it stood out to me because it’s simple and easy to navigate but still offered customization. I was drawn to the greyscale, but I always wanted part of my personality shown so I knew there needed to be at least a little bit of pink thrown in there. I’m not completely positive how exactly to fully change them at this point but this theme also gave met he option of using the colour code instead of just a plain colour selection to further customize, which I liked.

This week I also started playing around with different pages and changed the default page to an actual about me page (changing the title of the page, content, and uploading a picture). I really enjoy how the single page looks on this theme as well which is another reason why I was compelled to stick with this theme even after I had set the page up.

The last thing I’ve been attempting to set up this week is widgets. For some reason this theme gives me the options of sidebars but it doesn’t actually exist on the blog yet, only if I chose the option of a ‘sidebar’ at the bottom underneath the posts. I’m pleased with how it looks right now but I’ll probably keep playing around with it to see if a real sidebar is possible since I think it’s more likely for my widgets to actually be seen if they’re beside my content apposed to underneath it.

I’ll just keep playing around with it and we shall see how it goes,