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New at Sephora | Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil

I’m very excited to show you guys the latest release from Bite Beauty, aka a super cool Canadian brand that specializes in lip products.

If you’ve never heard about Bite Beauty I’ll give you a little back story. Bite Beauty is a Canadian company that came to be after the founder was inspired by chemistry and the want to void her cosmetics of harmful chemicals. Their slogan is “lip colour that’s good enough to eat” because their products are 100% natural and you could technically eat them (note the name Bite). They’re known for having crazy pigmentation and comfortable wear, none of that cracked lip liquid lipstick junk here.

Now onto the newness. They just launched The Lip Pencil, which comes in 22 colours and retails for $20 for 0.05 oz at Sephora. To put this in perspective the Huda beauty lip pencils are $25 for 0.042 oz, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever are both $24 for 0.04 oz. I tried to find some drugstore option but literally no drugstore site had ounces on it so it wouldn’t really add to it. Looking in the realm of drugstore lip pencils these guys are on the less expensive side.

According to Sephora’s website these are described as “With high precision texture that defines the lip line, The Lip Pencil provides perfect, allover, opaque lip coverage. Bite Beauty’s lightest formula yet, it offers addictively creamy coverage that’s so lightweight it feels like nothing on your lips. The case is an artisanal wood barrel that encapsulates whipped shea butter and three times the amount of pigments for a perfectly defined line.” They are made without parabens, sulfates, and phalates as well as petrochemicals.

To use it says to prep lips with their Line and Define Primer, a clear balm like primer, then line and fill in lips with the pencil. You can finish the look with a pairing colour in the Amuse Bouche Lipstick (which is maybe my favourite lipstick formula ever).

I’ll stop rambling now and start with the review. I’m going to link my video on it here so if you’re less of a reader feel free to check that out instead.


To give you a breakdown I moisturized with the Bite Agave Lip Balm and then used the MUFE lip perfertor to prime the lips before using the pencils.

The overall performance of the pencils was fantastic. The went on smooth an creamy with absolutely no tug on the lips which I loved. My only issue with the application is that the tip on both colours broke off when I used them which is a shame. I topped them with the matching Amuse Bouche colours and proceeded to wear it to work the entire day. I applied it around 2:00 and it didn’t start to break down or flake until around 7:00 with no touch ups with is pretty impressive to me.

To wrap it up I’d give these guys a 9/10 only docking marks for the breaking on the initial application. I’m looking forward to more shades coming out to match all the fun colours Bite has in the Amuse Bouche line.

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Bad at Birthdays | Vancitychic Turns 2!

Usually when i hit milestone I try to throw a bit of a party but all summer I’ve been working 6 days a week and this week has been an absolute mess. We had a fantastic power outage (aka prety much a blackout) where my apartment lost power for a solid 30+ hours mixed with the fact that it feels like it’s -5 degrees in Vancouver right now. I had fully planned to make cupcakes, or at least pick one up, yesterday but silly me fell asleep instead because constantly exhausted and got nothing done. So instead of a super cute post I’m going to post this photo of me in sweat eating cookie dough ice cream out of the tub like an adult. So happy birthday Vancitychic, I’ll be sure to throw you more a birthday bash on my next day off!




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Where Have I Been?!

Hey Y’all!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA but it’s been a bit of a crazy month so far. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve been keeping up with all my shenanigans, which include working err day and visiting my family in Kelowna. If Twitter isn’t exciting enough for you hit up Instagram too, because even if it’s boring at least it’s aesthetically pleasing there right?

Not so fun fact; I left my camera in Kelowna. So I had photos and videos prepared but without that memory card I can’t get any of it on my laptop (blogger fail I know). I’m trying to redo those posts and get some exciting stuff up about my mini vacation until then but I promise I have a bunch of idea ready to go and it’s just a matter of getting the material to put the final product out that I’m piecing together now that it has to be redone. Until then enjoy the first video in my series of short videos about my trip!



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Vancouver Visits | Menchie’s West Broadway


I was absolutely beaming when I was given the opportunity to check out the Kits location of Menchie’s and create my summer dream froyo mix. Maybe it’s the white girl in me but I absolutely love frozen yogurt. I’ve always been an ice cream fiend so the fact that this offers a slightly healthier option wins me over. I’m also still one of those big kids who mixes everything together when they get a slurpee so self-serve frozen yogurt bars where I get to throw everything together is a dream come true for me.



I have to say that I absolutely love anything over the bridge. It’s one of the areas of the Lower Mainland that I haven’t ventured to much but the time I spend at Kits last summer made my love it. I’m also trying to use my Tuesday break in between classes in venture out that way a little more so hopefully I’ll know my way around soon enough. This location is on West Broadway just off of Trafalgar, in the middle of everything (also shoutout to Pure Nail Bar which is beside them because that’s where I almost always go to get my toes done). It has plenty of seating inside as well as an adorable little patio outside if you want to enjoy the sunshine. They change them up but offer a variety of sorbets and frozen yogurts (I believe either 10 or 12 options daily) which range from sweet treats like Oreo, cake batter, and peanut butter to something more tangy with plain tart yogurt, raspberry, and other fruity sorbets. They also order a ton of toppings. Seriously… Look at all of them. I feel like this is more toppings than I’ve seen at any other self-serve yogurt bar and I appreciate all the little ones like walnuts, graham crumbs, and roasted almonds. Also I appreciate all the candy which I will definitely be hitting up next time I go in. Then obviously there’s fruit and sauces as well but I need to be in a very specific mood for that so I stuck to the plain toppings today. Now onto my yogurt creation!


I usually go for fruity flavours but I couldn’t pass up trying their newest flavour Oreo so I want for a classic summer staple instead and recreated the classic s’more in froyo. For my base yogurt I used cake batter and Oreo (seriously guys Oreo is so good) and I topped it off with graham cracker crumbs, white mini chocolate chips, loooooots of sprinkles, and a little baby waffle cone for some crunch. I must say it was absolutely delicious and I’m very excited to be hitting Menchie’s up now only in Vancouver but also in the Okanagan when I go home.

IMG_0132 IMG_0136


Finally I wanted to show off what I wore because this is one of my favourite go to outfits for the summer. I mentioned in my last post that I love menswear and this combo is so comfy and so cute I can’t handle it. This is just a large men’s muscle tank from American Apparel (where else am I right?) and a discontinued oversized black chiffon from AA tied around my waist. I also used this monochromatic outfit as an excuse to rock my neon coral Rebecca Minkoff crossbody and threw on some super old Steve Madden strappy sandals and a chunk gold chain necklace (which you totes can’t see in this photo but I promised it looked great okay).

So there you have it kids, be prepared to see some posts throughout the summer of my Menchie’s adventures because you best believe I’ll have the strongest froyo game around. Also a huge thank you to Menchie’s Canada for hooking us bloggers up for the summer! If you hit up a Menchie’s this summer make sure to #MenchiesMyWay showing off your creation and to tag them on Instagram!



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Loving Lately | July 13, 2015

Sorry I’ve been around not as often guys, my life has been a little insane (but I have been uploading regularly on my YouTube channels so be sure to follow me there). Tonight I wanted to drop by and share some of the things I’ve been into lately. Some are old, some are new, and some are just kind of ridiculous. Enjoy!


Young and Hungry

I’m a Netflix junkie and this show was one I definitely binge watched. I watched season one a while back but realized that season two was just put up on Netflix and lost my mind. It’s one of those super cheesy romantic comedy series but there’s just something about it that I love. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Emily Osment, Ashley Tisdale, and Jesse McCartney all in the same show as well that tugs on my 90’s Family Channel heart strings. Also I’ve developed the biggest little girl crush on Jonathan Sadowski (seriously why have I not seen him before now?!)… Don’t judge me, just go watch it. You can check out the trailer HERE!


I’ve always been a huge animal lover so it makes me ridiculously sad that I’m stuck in a pet free building and having my dog live over four hours away from me. Clearly the answer to solving this was to buy myself a pet fish. It’s that fine line between it not really being a pet but still feeling like I have a new bff that I need to care for. So meet Fredrick, my new double tail Betta Fish. I think he’s pretty cool. Even though I get mad anxiety when I leave him at home all day when I go to work #newmomthings am I right ladies? PS getting a photo of him is impossible so I promise I’ll have a super cute one up soon.


Bikini Shopping

This blows my mind because there are very few things I hate more than having to wear a bikini but goddammit I do love shopping for them. I decided to be crazy and hit up the VS semi-annual sale a few weeks ago and picked up two new bikinis, as well as I finally revealed a ton of super on sale bikini tops I picked up from American Apparel back when they had their 90% off sale earlier in the year. Now I just need to keep hitting the gym to be confident to rock these guy by the time I hit California in October.

Nails Inc X Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice and nail polish is a combo that just can’t go wrong. I was hesitant to drop this big of a bill on a single bottle of polish but I’m a sucker for packaging and the luxe box and weighted cap made me cave. I’ll have a full review on this guy coming up later this week but spoiler alert: it lasted almost an entire week without chipping and I will 100% be purchasing the new version as well.



I’m not quite sure if it’s my attempt to be trendy or me just trying to pull of wearing pyjamas every day to work but I’ve been loving rocking men’s styles lately. Today I was super cute and comfy for work in this men’s tank in a size large as a dress with a oversized chiffon, not in this photo obviously, tied around my waist and sneakers (seriously one of my new favourite outfits). Yesterday I wore this loose button up with shiny leggings and a cropped bustier underneath for more feminine twist on men’s pieces.



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Huge Sephora Haul!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the short hiatus I’ve been crazy busy between work and school lately. I have been uploading every week on my vlog channel and am trying to get a video out every week on my beauty channel as well now.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter on Instagram (which you should or else you’re missing out) I recently started back at Sephora almost 2 months ago which has reignited my makeup buying obsession. I made a collection of things I had purchased since starting again as well as a few on the more exciting things I received in gratis and made a huge summer makeup haul for you guys. I also have the second part of the haul ready to go to show off some new summer clothing, aka lots of bikinis, as well which will be out next week. Hope you guys enjoy!



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Recent Reads


It may not come off since I rarely talk about my love for it anymore and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to think straight recently but I absolutely love reading. I was an early reader as a kid and throughout high school I’d rather get a Chapter’s gift card for Christmas than one for the mall and had accumulated hundreds of books before I graduated. When I started university I was filling my reading time with text books and case studies instead of teen dramas and the fact that I was living in a tiny dorm room didn’t exactly give me an ideal housing situation for my books (although I must say I packed quite a few into my freshman dorm room).

Recently the Chapter’s on Robson in Vancouver had a massive liquidation since it’s closing and everything was 50% off. Although I felt like crying a little bit since I absolutely love that store I must admit I was pumped to pick up some new reads. I’ve only started on one of these so far so I don’t have any real opinions yet (believe me I will make an update post when I do) but I wanted to show these babies off.

The first one, and the one that I’ve actually started, is Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. I was a huge fan of #GirlBoss and thought this was going to be along those lines so I decided to give it a shot. Another thing that intrigued me is that it was in the business section, compared to non-fiction or lifestyle which most others are filed under. I must say so far it has lived up to its name, it has the same vibe as Girl Boss but is a little more life guide and a little less memoir. I haven’t finished it yet but so far so good, and as I said I’ll keep you updated.

Next up is one that I’ve been looking to get my hands on for quite a while now but since it’s pretty recent it’s only available in hard cover, which inconveniently made it almost $30 Canadian which is a little steep for my student budget but reasonable when it was half off during the sale. I haven’t started this one yet but if you want a full description of It Was Me All Along check out the Amazon page here, but I’m also gonna give you my little summed up version of it. This is a memoir that depicts the author’s struggle with being overweight up until 20 and then trying to change her relationship with food and find herself in the process. I’ve read a few books that are along these lines and have really enjoyed them so I’m interested to see how I feel about this guy.

Last but not least is one that shows off my weird side that absolutely loves true crime (insert heart eyes emoji here). I stumbled upon the little wonder called Death by CannibalI own quite a few different weird true crime books and I’m a sucker for cheesy ones like this (also a sucker for crazy stories and cannibals tend all be a little insane). I haven’t started this one either, mostly because I don’t want to be seen in public reading this, but I have high hopes. There’s really nothing exciting to this besides lots of messed up true stories.



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Spring Staples: Nail Polish



Around this time last year I released a blog post on my top 5 nail polishes for summer, which I’m pretty sure has been my most popular post to date. I must say I was being a little premature last time around considering summer doesn’t actually begin until the end of June… So this year I decided to actually get my seasons straight and give you guys some spring polishes first (I mean I know I’m a little late sorry about that). So here you have it ladies, some of my fav springy nail polishes.


This is either the ugliest or the cutest colour ever. It’s true to the name “American Denim”, a true blue jeans blue. Also this guy is on sale at American Apparel for 50% so I mean you need it right (I can’t find it online but my store has like a bajillion so you can probs track on down in store still)?


It wouldn’t be a spring nail post without a little lavender am I right ladies? This one is pale without making my super pale sense look even more washed out and I love the Formula X formula (actually cringed while writing that I’m sorry you had to read it). Side note: Sephora describes this colour as “lavender mist” and I don’t even know what that means but it’s pretty so whateva.


I don’t even need to talk about this one. It’s salmon and adorable and Essie’s formula is on point and isn’t streaky and this colour gets me a million compliments every time I wear it to work. Van D’Go is flawless, okay bye.


This guy has all the swatches because I wanted to try and show how one layer compared to two (tops is one, bottom is two). I think it’s super cute by itself but it looks great on top of another colour as well, Van D’Go here. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but sometime I just want to feel like a pretty princess and this does it for me. Sorry… Can’t find this one online either but it was also 50% off in store if you can track it down!

NailSwatch5.1First things first, sorry this is the messiest swatch ever but my nails were struggling. This one is probably my most worn polish from the past few months. I think white nail polish look so chic and effortless and as you can see I love American Apparel’s formula (fun fact they’re made in the same place as OPI but are $3 less expensive). I’ve heard raves about Blanc from Essie but I’m gonna stick to this bad boy for the time being.

So there you have it folks, just a little handful of both my old and some new favourites. My favourite two are T-Shirt and Van D’Go but clearly I like the rest of them enough to put them in a post so they’re all pretty fab. So if you don’t have any of these go get yourself some (or at least try to find some similar colours)!




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The Countdown is On…

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 8.16.40 PM

About two weeks ago I made a somewhat desperate Facebook status looking for someone to take the trip to California with me in a few months for my 21st birthday. It’s not a crazy expensive trip or anything like that but when all of your friends are broke, full-time students it’s difficult to find someone who not only is willing to spend the money but also is okay with missing a week of classes (especially inconvenient since my birthday lands right around the midterm week in October). Lucky for me one of my favourite girlfriend’s who I know from back in high school when I worked with an acting studio replied and immediately hoped on board. This is great because not only do I have the perfect companion for a girl’s trip but she also is a blogger and a vlogger so won’t want to absolutely kill me when I want to stop and take photos of everything. So before I go onto the actual point of the post I thought I’d tell y’all that little story and tell you to check her out! Her blog is Classic Shanelle and she’s not only adorable but super dedicated and talents (she even makes her own illustrations for her blog isn’t that cute!). Seriously go check her out then come back here and I’ll start talking about what I actually wanted to talk about in this what I’m assuming is going to be way to long blog post.

Okay, you read it? We’re good to go? Go grab a Diet Coke or something because this may take a while.

It’s no surprised that I am the queen of procrastination and the only time I really feel motivated to do just about anything is when there’s a deadline put on it. If I have no trips planned or nothing I want to splurge on I can almost guarantee you that my savings account is sitting at $0 but the minute I decide to do something I start to save like 50% of what I earn. I’m the exact same way with my health. I know that people say that you’re supposed to be healthy for you and not for anyone else but we all know that’s a load of crap. Obviously I like being able to walk up the stairs without being winded but tbh I’m doing this to look good in a bikini. And while getting that bikini bod for summer is enough encouragement for some girls I need a set date to kick myself in the butt. So that’s when the countdown comes in. I know it’s suuuuper far away but I keep an ongoing countdown as one of the tabs on my browser as a friendly reminder of how long I have until I’ll be on my way to California.

Since I assume most of the people who read this are fellow broke college students with no free time and even less motivation I thought it would be fun to give you guys a few posts on tips and tricks I plan on using to drop those pesky lbs before I head out of the country come October. Technically I have a fitness program I fully designed for myself that starts in May but it’s kind of crazy so I’ll probably just stick with doing what I’m doing now and start today (she says as she’s fully dressed in gym attire but still just blogging and not actually at the gym). So that’s the plan, maybe once a week or so expect a little tip from me about easy/cheap ways to get your life together.

#1- Cut Food Court Garbage

If you work in retail you feel my struggle on this. Eating at a food court is not only terrible for you (if you’re doing it 4-6 days a week like I have been doing) but it’s also pricey. To give you a little perspective if you go for some of the less healthy options like a regular New York Fries Poutine you’re taking in a whopping 950 calories and 50g of fat like whaaaaaat? Okay maybe you’re better than that then, you try to go with a healthier option like a salad or a sandwhich. The bread alone from Subway can have up to 250 calories and that doesn’t even include your meat, cheese, and condiments. Sad. I know. It’s way easier to pack something at home and actually know what’s in your food. This also gives you the chance to think it out and not be stressed and make a less than great food decision since you only have 30 minutes to decide. So that’s my starting point, next week when I give you guys another tip I’ll let you know how this went.



Healthy & Budget Friendly Grocery Haul

Guess who’s been slacking on posts… Shocking it’s me!

I promise I am in the middle of working on a few different actual blog posts but until then take a looksie at my newest YouTube videos where I show you a bunch food.